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Schools are present in any section of the world, whether it is rural or urban. With the onset of the epidemic in 2020, schools worldwide were forced to close their doors. Nobody could leave, not even to get an education. In that situation, people began considering ways to conduct online classes and manage schools remotely. Some schools were already employing school administration software, which aided them in maintaining school operations.
The school management system is a modern solution that benefits schools, students, and parents in various ways. Here’s a list of the best all in one business platforms for schools.

Advantages of business platforms for schools

The following are the advantages of school administration systems:

  1. You can hold online classes, exams, quizzes, meetings, etc.
  2. Parents can pay the fees online at any time and from any location, saving them a lot of time that they would have spent standing in a big line for hours.
  3. Students, parents, and teachers will receive information about assignment due dates and other impending events.
  4. Parents can simply communicate with school personnel.
  5. School vehicles’ locations can be traced.
  6. Online, report cards, ID cards, and other certifications can be created, shared, and kept.
  7. Mobile applications are accessible to access all functions at any time and from any location.

This post will go over the top best school management software in depth. Examine the expert guidance, comparison table, and full evaluation section to determine which is ideal for your institute.

This programme can manage all the data and generate thorough reports to aid student evaluation. Let us have a look at the Best all in one business platforms for schools

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1) Vonza

Vonza Schools is a comprehensive education software solution that streamlines and automates the activities of schools, universities, training institutes, and colleges. You may easily host your degrees and courses, hold live sessions, collect fees, and do other things. This university administration system software is intended for all sizes of universities and institutions, both large and little. The Enterprise Resource Planning system assists schools and universities in developing, managing, and expanding their digital and physical campuses.

It offers an all-in-one website builder, a learning academy to empower students, live classes, financial management assistance, and admission systems and CRMs. It also has student portal, parent portal, admin portal, and Human resources with third party integrations.

Vonza Schools Education ERP Software allows organisations to easily and efficiently manage operations. In short, it is everything you need to manage your education business under one roof.

2) Gradelink

One of the best all in one business platforms for schools is Gradelink. The software is quite handy for keeping track of student information and sharing it with parents. They teach you how to use the software and provide individual support throughout your journey.


The platform saves administrative expenses and time for school administration by providing capabilities for daily online attendance, student performance reports, advanced scheduling tools, communication tools, integration tools, and much more.


  1. Get a custom-built account with staff training.
  2. Individualised assistance.
  3. Integration with extremely useful systems such as Google Classroom, ClassLink, Clever, Schoology, and others.
  4. Payment processing using the internet.
  5. Tools for creating the finest possible report card template.
  6. Tools that assist schools in adapting to remote learning.


  1. Simple to use.
  2. Staff training is provided.
  3. Individualised assistance.
  4. Backup data daily.
  5. Mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices.


  1. The learning curve is steep. However, if you get past it, the software is simple to use and dependable.

Gradelink is a highly trusted and recommended online school management system, having been trusted by over 2000 schools and having 20 years of expertise in the field of online school management. The software is simple to use and includes training on how to utilise it.

3) MyClassCampus

It is the best all in one business platforms for schools. MyClassCampus is intend to make school management more digital and advance. The portal lets parents view their children’s profiles at any time and location.


This online smart ERP platform enables you to generate result cards, ID cards, and other documents, arrange the academic year in a shared calendar, manage admissions, tests, quizzes, and other documents online, and much more.

  1. Result cards, ID cards, and certificate creation tools are available.
  2. Academic planner and shared calendar in one.
  3. Tools for conducting research, managing admissions, and administering examinations and quizzes.
  4. Hostel management and GPS bus tracking are both available.


  1. Software that is hosted in the cloud.
  2. Training and assistance.
  3. Reasonable prices
  4. Mobile applications for both Android and iOS users.


  1. Simple needs might be complicated and costly for tiny institutes.

The variety of features provided by MyClassCampus is really commendable. It is a well regarded application for school administration. Their customer service is excellent.

They currently provide their services in over 20 countries. The programme is highly recommended due to its advanced features, including online fee payment, mobile applications, online chat modules, etc.

PowerSchool SIS is the third option.

Best for providing a unified platform for school registration, attendance, learning, grading, analytics, and other needs.

4) PowerSchool

PowerSchool SIS is a cloud-based school management system. The software secures your data with the assistance of a specialist security team. In a single platform, you receive a variety of features for school management.


Fees, health and immunisation, report cards, asset tracking, and more features are available.


  1. Tools that enable you to collaborate with users all over the world via forums, videos, online group meetings, and training sessions.
  2. Annual SOC 2 compliance audits and ISO 27001:2013 accreditation.
  3. Calculators for advanced grading.
  4. Data import and export utilities.
  5. Analytical tool integration.


  1. Cloud-based data security for mobile applications
  2. A plethora of extremely useful features.


  1. It’s complicated for tiny institutions to use.

The software is highly recommended due to its ease of use. It has the potential to make online school administration easier, more secure, and more efficient. The software excels at meeting large institutions’ complicated administrative needs.

Apart from the numerous features, they guarantee data security with ISO 27001:2013 certification and periodic SOC 2 compliance checks.

5)  Vidyalaya

The SMS feature is the best.

Vidyalaya is an award-winning online school administration software designed to digitise schools. This 20-year-old technology is currently available in 8 countries, providing an economical ERP solution for educational institutions worldwide.

The programme proves to be extremely beneficial to the school administration, instructors, students, and parents.



  1. Online payment services.
  2. Vehicle tracking.
  3. Tools for administering online tests and recording biometric attendance.
  4. Application for mobile devices.
  5. Integration with a variety of platforms.
  6. Send as many SMS messages as you wish.


  1. Pricing is reasonable.
  2. SMS functionality.
  3. Tools for facilitating virtual learning sessions.
  4. Application for mobile devices.


  1. Report customisation features need to be improved.

Vidyalaya is one of the most reputable school management systems. This software is both powerful and reasonably priced. They claim to have received 99% customer satisfaction and to have served over 1300 customers.

The programme assists in making school administration paperless, provides automation and integration capabilities, allowing parents to monitor school events and their children’s performance, and much more.

6)  Alma 

Best for providing a user-friendly platform with an intuitive UI.


Alma is a cutting-edge solution for institutional administrative needs. The programme enables you to embrace a modern technology-oriented culture, assists you in making data-driven decisions, and saves the administrative department a significant amount of time.

Scheduling, assessment tracking, directory maintenance, enrollment history, and other tools are available.


  1. Maintenance tools for the calendar, bus routes, directory, enrollment history, and more.
  2. Tools for student management, such as attendance, fees, and more.
  3. Tools for managing assignments, report cards, and progress reports, among other things.
  4. Digital Signature Option.
  5. Tools for data export, data visualisation, and reporting.


  1. Electronic signature capability.
  2. A plethora of extremely useful features.
  3. Customer assistance is simple to use and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  1. Some users have reported issues with the mobile version.

The range of functionality provided by Alma is commendable, making the software highly recommended. Alma includes everything from student and school management to communication tools, reporting and analytics, admissions, and progressive instructional management.

7) Rediker

Best choice for integration with popular educational software. It was founded in 1980, and is an excellent platform for small businesses.


Rediker is a 40-year-old school administration software that collaborates with the most trusted educational platforms, such as OneNote, Google Classroom, and others to provide all-in-one software for your school management needs.

To help you get the most out of the product, they provide videos, demos, webinars, training, documentation, and support.


  1. Tools that enable you to use an online learning strategy.
  2. Create, save, and distribute report cards.
  3. Admissions, billing, and accounting are all done online.
  4. Integration with Google Classroom, Clever, Frontline Education, and other educational platforms.

8) Your Agora

Your Agora is a versatile and user-friendly platform aimed at boosting educational quality.

Your Agora

The platform’s capabilities range from an open library with thousands of relevant materials and excellent reporting tools to teacher recruitment assistance and a mobile app for Android and iOS users.


  1. Tools for administering online assessments, such as tests and quizzes.
  2. Tools for recruiting students for the school.
  3. Mobile applications are available for both iOS and Android devices.
  4. Live chat assistance is available.
  5. Stripe is used for online payments.

Verdict: You do not have to pay more than what you use with your Agora. Prices are reasonable and are determined by the number of students enrolled. The programme is appropriate for organisations of all sizes.

9) Schoolbic

Best option for automation tools.


Schoolbic is an information management system for students. The software centralises all student information, such as attendance records, performance reports, personal information, certificates, and much more. The software’s automation tools for the admissions process make it highly recommended.


  1. Tools for automating and streamlining the admissions process.
  2. Manage student information such as attendance, medical records, transportation and hostel information, and so on.
  3. Biometric Attendance System with Reporting Tools
  4. SMS, email, and payment system integration
  5. The super admin of the Schoolbic account selects a group of people who have access to the system.

Schoolbic is a highly regarded school administration software. They guarantee 24/7 availability, constantly innovate, and protect data with 2,048-bit keys.

It is a comprehensive platform loaded with powerful automation capabilities that make school administration simple, efficient, error-free, and time efficient.

10) FamilyID 

Best option for a simple programme registration process.

FamilyID is an online school administration system designed to facilitate the exchange of personal information between people and institutions as simple, easy, and secure as possible.

The software eliminates the time-consuming duties of paperwork, data entry, and physical file management.


  1. Registration, data collecting, and other automation tools.
  2. Adaptable reporting tools.
  3. Once you’ve filled out your personal information in a form, the system will automatically fill it out the next time you need to fill out an online form.
  4. Payments are handled by PayPal, Stripe, and MySchoolBucks.

Verdict: The customer support crew is kind, and a free version is accessible. SSL certification guarantees the security of your data.

11) Ireava 

Excels at providing digital learning materials.

Ireava is a robust global SaaS platform for online school administration.

Ireava, which was designed to digitise schools, has some pretty nice features to offer. You get an interactive content e-library for teachers, videos, PDFs, online examinations for learning, notes, and much more with Ireava-TutAR.


  1. It can accommodate up to 1800 students.
  2. Tools that enable school workers to meet online.
  3. You can hold live Zoom classes using the school application.
  4. Send SMS in bulk.
  5. E-library containing learning materials for teachers as well as learning tools for students.
  6. 5 GB SSD storage space (additional paid storage is available).

The variety of features provided by Ireava is commendable. They even provide an on-demand development option.

Students can access the mobile application, which operates on iOS devices. With the software, you will receive 24/7 chat assistance, Ireava ERP modules, and Ireava LMS modules.

12) Eduwonka

Best for providing a very useful free version.


Eduwonka is one of the greatest school management systems and comes highly recommended. The programme has capabilities covering practically all of a school’s requirements. Tools for managing academics, communication, analytics, data security, administration, financials, infrastructure, multi-school management, and more are available.


  1. Android users can utilise this mobile application.
  2. A digital notice board is used to make announcements.
  3. Allows you to view a student’s whole performance history.
  4. Maintain a record of the school’s facilities and inventories.
  5. Allows you to see the entire picture of students, parents, and teachers timetables.

Eduwonka is a sophisticated and user-friendly school management software. The software provides automated insights, 99.9% assured uptime, a built-in messenger, and SMS broadcasting, among other features.

The software even has a free version that allows you to manage an unlimited number of students with 1 administrator, up to 30 teachers, and 10 classes.

13) FreshSchools 

Best option for fundraising tools.


FreshSchools is a fantastic school administration system. The software’s features include sending emails, receiving email analytics, setting calendars, and receiving reminders.


  1. Send an email or a text message.
  2. Tools for starting a conversation and inviting others.
  3. Calendar management software and tools for receiving automated notifications.
  4. All functions are accessible via a mobile application.
  5. Tools that help you raise donations through stories, offer payment alternatives to donors, and more.

Verdict: FreshSchools is a free edition that allows you to send email messages, keep a dashboard, get data security, and do other things.

They provide mobile applications for both Android and iOS users, allowing parents to fill out their information online, saving the school administration a lot of time.

14) EDRP

The best all-in-one school management software.


EDRP is an easy-to-use, cloud-based school ERP software that includes features for automation, reporting, SMS sending, and much more.

This Indian software is appropriate for colleges of all sizes and types. With this platform, you receive 24/7 customer service, high-speed servers, mobile applications, and much more.


  1. Send automated SMS reminders, quick fee receipts, and so on.
  2. Applications for Android users (Teachers as well as students).
  3. Maintains student records and provides progress reports.
  4. GPS vehicle tracking in schools.
  5. Manage hostels, school libraries, payroll, and employee information, among other things.

Verdict: Because of its ease of use and extensive feature set, EDRP is a highly recommended school administration software.

The programme allows you to receive payments digitally, eliminating the need for parents to stand in long lines for fee payments. They can also communicate with the teachers via their mobile phones by using the application.

15) OpenEduCat 

Best for providing a diverse set of features suited to establishing global and virtual institutions.


OpenEduCat is a free and open-source education administration system. The platform is adaptable and easy to use. OpenEduCat, founded in 2008, is now a global provider of services for educational institutions’ digital transformation.

The programme is inexpensive, adaptable, and quick to use.


  1. Tools that enable you to create live classrooms using Microsoft Teams, Skype Meet, Zoom, and other similar services.
  2. Accepting payments in several currencies is made possible by multilingual software.
  3. It is possible to deploy it in the cloud or on-premises.
  4. Data can be exported and imported.
  5. Biometric attendance tracking and thorough reporting are available.
  6. Remind students to turn in their assignments.

This award-winning programme is one of the top school administration software and is highly recommended if you are looking for a digital school management solution.

16) Fedena 

Best for providing a wide range of useful features.


Fedena is a 13-year-old platform that was originally called ‘Foredu’ and was designed to be simple and easy to use in order to transform every school into a smart school.

The programme is continually updated to meet the needs of the users. Fedena has every feature you may want in a school administration system.


  1. Biometric attendance is taken for students and faculty and record-keeping tools.
  2. Online tools for managing the entire admissions process.
  3. Communication options such as quick notifications of new information, setting reminders for forthcoming activities, and more.
  4. Fedena’s mobile application allows students and parents to pay their fees at any time and from any location.
  5. Tools for running online classes or exams.

Verdict: Fedena, which is trusted by over 40,000 institutes worldwide, is an all-in-one software solution for your school management needs.

The Basic edition is inexpensive and quite helpful, with limitless users. With email and phone help, the customer service is excellent.

17) Teachable

Teachable assists intelligent course developers in building and nurturing an online following. To begin, the platform provides several options for customising the look and feel of your course. Create a website that reflects your brand, sales pages for launching your course, and if you know how to code, play about with it in the Power Editor. If not, modify the available templates. Teachable’s course builder accepts content from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, among other sources.


There’s freedom when pricing your course too. You can sell courses individually or in packages and charge a one-time price, a payment plan, or a subscription. When you’re ready to go live, create promo codes to witness an immediate increase in course sales. Use the platform’s built-in affiliate marketing feature to develop a sales team for your course: simply add affiliates, and they’ll receive a percentage of course sales. No third-party integration required.

Teachable’s native email marketing tool enables you filter and notify students when they enrol in a course, redeem a voucher, or complete a course. You may also collect student feedback and find information about your course using Google Forms and surveys. If you want to stay in touch with students after they finish your course, use Teachable’s connectors to add them to your email list. As they say, the money is in the list.

You can accomplish more with Teachable when you link it to your favourite apps with Zapier’s automated workflows. Add your students to your marketing campaign automatically, track them in a Google Sheet, and more. Here are a few pre-made workflows to get you started, but you can link Teachable with nearly any tool you use for your business.

Questions and Answers on Best all in one business platforms for schools

Q 1) What software is utilised for school management systems?

Gradelink, MyClassCampus, PowerSchool SIS, Vidyalaya, and Alma are the top five best school administration software.

Free versions are available through FamilyID, Eduwonka, and FreshSchools. Aside from these, some of the most trustworthy school management systems are Rediker, Schoolbic, EDRP, OpenEduCat, and Fedena.

Q 2) What exactly is a school management app?

A school management application is a platform that allows you to administer an institute’s administration online. As a result, schools can now function remotely.

This programme provides facilities for conducting online lectures, exams, and meetings, as well as online fee payment, attendance and performance tracking, and much more.

Q 3) Why do schools require school management software?

What schools require is school management software. In today’s world of fierce competition in practically every industry, even schools must adapt to best practises in order to keep their reputation.

The school administration or parents can track the school vehicles at any time, receive progress reports and other information on their personal mobile phones, and even construct virtual classes if necessary, with the help of school management software.

Q 4) What are the drawbacks of school administration systems?

Answer: Despite their various advantages, school management systems have significant drawbacks, which are as follows:

  1. A virtual classroom cannot be as valuable to kids as a physical one.
  2. Software with a large number of functions can be difficult to use.
  3. The costs per student might be rather considerable.

Q 5) What is an example of school tracking?

Answer: Schools keep track of students’ attendance, performance, and history. This can be manual or with the assistance of school management software.


Adopting best all in one business platforms for schools can be quite advantageous to a school. The industry software is beneficial to kids, parents, teachers, and the entire administration. They can alleviate the most pressing concerns of both school administration and parents.

Parents can use an online school administration system to input payments, contact with teachers, and check their child’s attendance and progress report at any time and from any location.

On the other hand, with the help of school administration software, the school administration can adapt to online classes or tests, supply online learning material to students, take biometric attendance, design, share, and save report cards, ID cards, and other credentials.

Furthermore, this software will always reduce operational costs, decrease the possibility of error, and will undoubtedly make administration smooth and simple to manage. We hope this article helped you know more about the best all in one business platforms for schools.

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