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Using a scheduling app, you can find a meeting time that works for everyone. That eliminates the need to call different people to inquire when they will be available.

With a good scheduling app, you can view everyone’s schedule, and then choose a meeting time that works for everyone.

Continue reading to discover the top group scheduling software that works for everyone…

1. Vonza Scheduling

Vonza scheduling is a meeting app that comes as part of the Vonza 14-in-1 platform. You can use the app to schedule online meetings, or online classes, that work for everyone. As with other scheduling apps, it works by analyzing individual calendars, to create a master calendar for you.

It works best when using it to schedule meetings for members who are on the same platform. Community members can also update their availability on their Vonza scheduling dashboards.

You can also add a rescheduling link, or share a meeting invite, which is convenient for one-on-one meetings with clients.

In that regard, Vonza scheduling is the best meeting scheduler software for team members who are working remotely. You can also use it to schedule live online classes if you offer online courses.

2. HubSpot Meetings Tool

HubSpot meetings Tool works by connecting team members to their Google Calendars or Office 365 Calendars. It then syncs their availability, which makes it easy to select periods when all members are available for a meeting.

HubSpot Meeting Tool won’t work as expected if some of the invitees are using the third-party calendar tools, even though they are on HubSpot. That makes Vonza Scheduling a better alternative to HubSpot Scheduling Tool.

3. Google Calendar

Google’s workspace calendar can be used to schedule meetings online, which work for everyone. Just like the other scheduling apps, It syncs the participants’ calendars to show their availability.

Moreover, the host needs to have access to Google Workspace, to use the free online appointment scheduling Google Calendar. 

4. Calendly

You can use Calendly to book meetings that are convenient to other teams who are using Calendly. It works in a similar way to the first three meeting scheduling apps, by syncing members’ calendars, and then sharing their availability.

That eliminates the need to make calls to find out when members are available for a meeting.

5. NeedToMeet

NeedToMeet works differently, in that instead of syncing calendars, it lets the host suggest availability dates. The host then sends invite links, so that invitees can view the host’s availability, and choose the dates and times that work for them.

NeedToMeet works best for participants that may not want to have their calendars synced.


Whether you want to hold an online meeting or teach an online class, you need a meeting scheduling app. Vonza scheduling is among the best apps for scheduling online meetings that work for everyone. You can use it to schedule a meeting today for one or multiple attendees, just sign up for a 30-day free trial and you are on your way.

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