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Our mission

Make online business
simple for everyone.

Welcome to Vonza

Led by an experienced and vision driven team, we are on a mission to remove the barriers of technology and make it easy for entrepreneurs and creators to start or grow their business, make revenue online and delight their customers. We’re doing this by eliminating the need to use multiple software tools and duct-tape them together just to run a business online.

That old way was stressful, time and money consuming, and not effective. Vonza is the online creator’s dream. We now empower over 15,000 entrepreneurs and creators in over 40 countries. Our dream is to empower one million entrepreneurs in the next decade. We’re just getting started.

Meet our Founders

Uyi Abraham came to America from Nigeria with only $100 and a suitcase of clothes with a dream to become a medical doctor. Soon after he discovered his true calling and passion was to serve entrepreneurs and creators. He started teaching online entrepreneurs how to start and grow their business.

Vonza was born out of his frustration of wasting time and money with several software tools instead of serving his customers. He and his wife (co-founder) emptied their life savings to build Vonza with an unyielding passion to make online business simple and easy.

He is a highly sought after speaker, author and business coach. He has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Fox, TEDx and ABC.

Dr. Faith Abraham is Vonza’s Co-Founder and a creative genius. She has an MBA in Business and PhD in Christian Counseling. Her passion is to see creators and entrepreneurs thrive and live their best life. She has been featured on Voyager, WATC 57 and is an award-winning Life Coach.

A visionary and innovative team

Our head office is in Alpharetta, Georgia (25 miles north of Atlanta). Our team is spread across 5 continents. Our remote first approach enables us to hire the best talents all over the world so our team can enjoy the flexibility and joy of work-life harmony.

Uyi Abraham
Founder & CEO
Faith Abraham
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Zohaib Khalid
Chief Technical Officer
Zain Khalid Malik
Chief Software Engineer
Brie Boyd
Customer Success
Fahad Ahmad
Frontend Engineer
Falak Tariq
Creative Director
Usama Abbas
Backend Engineer
Hilda Igiehon
Customer Success
Paul Bimbola
Creative Marketing
Muhammad Shahzeb
Frontend Engineer
Adam Mauldin
Huzaifa Abbasi
Senior UI UX Engineer
Faheem Saleem
Full Stack Engineer
Jacinta Adun
Suzanne Ade
Content and Marketing
Ata Us Sammad
Senior QA Engineer
Bilal Ahmed
UI UX Engineer
Hank Youkin
People Operations
Amna Shahid
Senior UI UX Designer
Jasmine Rodriguez
Olusoji Philip
Content Creator
Amanda Mona
Creator Sessions
William Bautista
Video Producer
Muhammad Zawair
Backend Engineer
Atiq ur Rehman
UI/UX Designer
M. Faizan Qureshi
Frontend Developer
Luke Roser
Dee Lovely
Customer Happiness

Our Core Values

Customer success

Our number one goal is to see our customers (champions) succeed in their business on Vonza. We will go above and beyond to assist our champions to ensure that they are having success on Vonza.


We are more than employees we are Vonza. Every person that is a part of the team of Vonza owns the role. We only want team members who fully believe in our vision and are committed to see it become a reality.


The foundation of Vonza is teamwork. Every person in every position and in every place allows us to be as great as we are. No one position is greater than the other as we are all needed to create the body and vision of Vonza. Knowing that allows us to work cohesively and lend our expertise to each other.


We are a team of creative and innovative people who think outside of the box and we take unconventional approaches to assisting our customers (champions), and operating at high levels of efficacy.

Vonza Gives Back

Vonza gives back. We sponsor thousands of orphans, children and widows in Africa. We serve them in different ways from monthly financial support to educational sponsorships and hosting entrepreneurial events to gain skills and experience in STEM. Thanks to our Vonza customers, their monthly subscription enables us to change lives across Africa and the world.

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