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Vonza is leading a new, modern way

A fresh approach to running a successful business online without complex tech and juggling multiple softwares.

Our mission

To make online business simple for entrepreneurs

The Vonza story

Hi there,

It’s Uyi Abraham here, CEO and Founder of Vonza.

I am excited to introduce Vonza to you!

I came to America with only $100 and a suitcase of clothes to be a medical doctor and in search of the american dream.

Around 2010, I started creating and selling courses, coaching and digital products online. A few years in I got overwhelmed and frustrated because there was no simple way to run my business online. I needed 10+ tools, multiple software, passwords and a duct-tape to tie them all together to work. This wasn’t working efficiently for me and other entrepreneurs. Not finding any good solution, I created it and it’s called Vonza!

In 2019, I used my personal savings to launch Vonza. Today, thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches and creators use Vonza to start and grow their business. We’re here for the long haul and just getting started.

Vonza is the entrepreneur’s dream come true; a simple and yet powerful all-in-one software that makes your business simple and profitable while saving you time, money and the hassle of managing multiple software, plugins and logins.

Join us in our mission to remove the technological hassles and empower one million entrepreneurs to succeed with their business online.
Our core values

Customer success

Our number one goal is to see our customers (champions) succeed in their business on Vonza. We will go above and beyond to assist our champions to ensure that they are having success on Vonza.


We are more than employees we are Vonza. Every person that is a part of the team of Vonza owns the role. We only want team members who fully believe in our vision and are committed to see it become a reality.


The foundation of Vonza is teamwork. Every person in every position and in every place allows us to be as great as we are. No one position is greater than the other as we are all needed to create the body and vision of Vonza. Knowing that allows us to work cohesively and lend our expertise to each other.


We are a team of creative and innovative people who think outside of the box and we take unconventional approaches to assisting our customers (champions), and operating at high levels of efficacy.

Our Team

Our company’s head office is in Alpharetta, Georgia (25 miles north of Atlanta) and our team is spread across 5 continents from the USA to United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Australia and Belgium. Our remote first approach enables us to hire the best talents all over the world so our team can enjoy the flexibility and joy of work-life harmony.


All the wonderful features you need in one intuitive platform.No more juggling between complex apps.