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SMS stands for Short message service. SMS Marketing is a form of marketing that businesses use to send advertisements to buyers via text messages.

SMS marketing is the most effective marketing channel, with open rates of over 90%, and response rates of about 35%. SMS marketing delivers up to 8X engagement rates, compared to email marketing.

Continue reading to discover how to use Vonza SMS to grow your business profits…

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The first step of running a successful SMS marketing strategy is to know your customer. Your customers consider SMS to be a private means of communication. Therefore, they respond better to marketing messages that target their direct needs.

Vonza includes tools such as Vonza analytics and Vonza Forms, to help you gather useful information from your leads. You can then use that information to create a targeted bulk SMS marketing.

Include Call-to-Action Links

Smartphones have made it possible to use some email marketing features when running mobile / SMS marketing. For instance, you can add a hyperlinked call-to-action button in your marketing text messages.

That makes it easy for you to drive leads to your sales funnel, directly from their inbox. This strategy works best when you combine it with the Fear of Missing Out, by offering customers limited offers, such as 24-hour discounts on certain products.

Write Clear Messages

Unlike emails, SMS offers you only 160 characters to pass your messages. Therefore, sending short, clear, and concise messages is important. That makes it easy for a busy lead to understand your messages and act promptly.

Send Timely Messages

Most people keep their phones nearby, and they will act on incoming SMS promptly. Therefore, it is better to send them messages when they are most likely to be awake. A late-night SMS that wakes them up may simply annoy them.

Moreover, sending a promotional SMS when they are closer to their payday can get them to respond to offers.

Using Vonza Analytics, which is included in the Vonza platform, you can learn when to message your customers, to increase your SMS engagement rates.

Target Loyal Customers

You will get better results if you use SMS marketing software such as Vonza, to market new product offers to loyal customers. Even if they don’t buy them, they are likely to share them with their family and friends.

The benefit of using SMS marketing on loyal customers is they give it a chain effect. Their confidence in your product makes them more likely to share your promotional SMS.


Vonza 14-in-1 platform gives you important data about your leads and customers. Such data includes the times they shop, what they shop, where they come from, and the products they view.

You can then use that information to take advantage of SMS marketing benefits, such as their high engagement rates. Sign up for Vonza SMS 30-day free trial today, and experience the power of Vonza SMS marketing.

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