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10 No-Brainer Reasons to Choose Vonza as your Thinkific Alternative

There is no doubt that Thinkific can help you create an online course with rich multimedia and in a hassle-free manner. However, it offers limited control, and it is missing some essential features to thrive your business online.


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Vonza As Your Thinkific Alternative

Vonza is a great Thinkific alternative that helps business owners operate their online business in a more systematic and organized manner. With Vonza, you will have everything you love about Thinkific, along with all other tools and features you need for online success in one place. Of course, you need more strong reasons why you should choose Vonza as your Thinkific competitor and alternative.

Are you ready to find out what makes Vonza a great alternative to Thinkific? Let's dive in!!


Designs you don't have to hassle over

With Vonza, you can say bye to clunky-looking homepages that could take forever to tailor. You will have a fresh, clean page that puts the limelight on your course. Vonza course templates are made with best-in-class design principles.


100% mobile friendly

With Thinkific, media such as images look stretched on a smartphone. Therefore, it may not be 100% mobile-friendly. Vonza, on the other hand, is a fully mobile-responsive solution. Your business website will look amazing on all devices, including computer, phones, and tablets.


In-built email marketing tools & features

One of the biggest cons of Thinkific is that it comes with no in-built email marketing feature, though it comes with numerous 3rd-party email integrations.

Vonza, as your Thinkific alternative, on the other side, comes with a lot of in-built marketing tools and features to help you thrive your business. You can capture emails and names of your website visitors. You can grow the list of your subscribers and engage with your customers by sending stunning email broadcasts. Vonza allows you to email one or multiple subscribers using your Vonza dashboard.



With Vonza, you can send text messages, announcements, discounts, product offers, and much more to your customers directly to their smartphone.


Sales funnel builder platform

Thinkific isn't a sales funnel builder platform, but Vonza is. So, here comes another big reason to switch to Vonza from Thinkific.
With Vonza, you can create stunning sales funnels that convert your website visitors into leads and leads to paying customers without no hassle. If you want to use the straightforward one-click funnels for upselling, down selling, or cross-selling to your customers, Vonza can help you. Using Vonza Funnels, you can grow your revenue by 300 percent.


In-built reporting tools

Of course, both Vonza and Thinkific comes with in-built reporting tools. However, you will obtain better and deeper insights with Vonza.
Dashboard with greater insights: You can view a snapshot of your customer's signups and revenue across a defined period on your Vonza dashboard.

Course-wide user insights: You can now comprehend your average lecture completion rates through Vonza course-wide user insights. What's more? You can organize by user account type – free, discounted, or full price.

Export for Deeper Analysis: You can export the list of your customers' contact and revenue data anytime in order to perform a more in-depth analysis.


24/7 chat support

We all know the importance of customer support. In need of an hour, you want the best support for your queries or problems if you ever encountered while using the platform. Unfortunately, Thinkific provides only email or phone support. Vonza, on the other hand, offers around the clock assistance for its users. What's more? Besides email and phone support, you will enjoy 24/7 live chat support.


Vonza has all that thinkific offers

Yes, as we mentioned earlier also, Vonza entails everything you love about Thinkific. Create an online course by adding video, text, image, audio, PDF files, or import content from other platforms.

Create and design a site, pages, and blog with your own domain name and hosting incorporated.

Build an exclusive subscription-based community using content for your customers.

Host live training and teachings, engage with your customers through a discussion forum system and reward your students with completion certificates.

Build assessments and quizzes to test your users' progress and integration support.

Payments from more than 130 international currencies via Stripe Connect credit processing. With Vonza, accepting multiple currencies for a single course/product is possible.

Own and control all of your content and user data.

In-built SSL certificates to develop trust with your customers.

Automatic updates, therefore you always enjoy the latest features of the platform.

A free plan, so Vonza is a free online course platform.


Better & more additional features

More and more entrepreneurs are switching to Vonza for the following features as well:

Online store: With Vonza, you can sell both digital and physical products by building an eCommerce site backed by various tools and a smart order management system. This, in turn, helps you manage your items, satisfy customers, and boost sales.

Intelligent appointment scheduling: Vonza enables scheduling of free/paid one-on-one or multiple meetings. It enables calendar integrations, sends confirmations via emails, defined daily limits for meetings, and much more.

Social share: Your courses, online platform, and products entail an in-built social share button to boost your social exposure.


Replaces 16+ tools

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you rely on various tools such as ClickFunnels, WordPress, Wix, or Shopify to grow your business. Vonza is such a powerful solution that replaces them all. No need to spend time on each tool when you can just invest your valuable time on one tool that does all.

The Bottom Line: Choose a Great Thinkific alternative for Free Today


It goes without saying that Vonza is much better than Thinkific in numerous aspects.

Vonza inarguably has better (and more) features, though you may find it a bit more expensive than Thinkific. For great online success, you need a great solution, and Vonza is indeed one.

Try Vonza for free today and get to know yourself!!

Vonza vs Thinkific comparison chart

Don't just take our word for it, we've made a Thinkific vs. Vonza comparison to show you which is better for online course creators.

Pricing (Lowest Plan)
All-in-One Platform
Customize Dashboard
Online Store
SMS Text
Digital Products
Membership Sites
Website Builder
Live Notifications
Phone Support across all plans
Sales Funnels
Drip Functionality
Sell Downloads
Unlimited Students
School Management System Software
Form Builder
Unlimited Emails
Appointment Scheduler
Free Migrations
Analytics & Reporting
Email Marketing
Order Management
Paid Events
No Transaction Fees
Forever Free Plan
Affiliate Partnership Program on all Plans
Simple Ease of Use
Payment Processor - Stripe, Visa, MasterCard, AmeX, PayPal

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