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10 Reasons to Choose Vonza As Your Calendly Alternative

When scheduling a meeting, it’s relatively easy to find yourself in an excessively long email chain trying to fix the best date and time for everyone. You might be tired of spending a lot of your time sending a long chain of emails to schedule a meeting. If yes, then now it’s time for you to switch to automated scheduling software that allows you to schedule all your appointment automatically with the potential and existing customers. While searching for the best-automated scheduling software on the internet, you will come across Calendly Review that will surely entice you to use that platform. Still, we have got another fantastic software that will work much better than Calendly in all aspects.


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Vonza As Calendly Alternative

Vonza is one such platform that will indeed prove to be the best Calendly software alternative. With Vonza, you will get everything you will love about Calendly, and additionally, you will get more impressive features as well. It sounds impressive, right? So, have a look at how and why Vonza is a perfect alternative for Calendly meetings!


Vonza- A better way to manage your business

Vonza will take only a few seconds to schedule an appointment for you. Avoid back and forth and double bookings with Vonza and experience the best of what automated scheduling software has to offer. Use this free appointment scheduling software that allows your clients to book events or meetings directly from your website easily. It is a perfect software that will help you in managing your online calendars and meetings efficiently.


Time zone intelligent

One of the most remarkable features that make Vonza a perfect Calendly alternative is its Time Zone Intelligent feature, which is missing in Calendly. Vonza, with its time zone intelligent feature, adjusts for time zones automatically so that everyone is on the same page. This feature of Vonza makes it better than its competitors.


Easy availability control

Another amazing and unique feature that makes Vonza better than Calendly is the availability control feature that works much better than that of Calendly. You can easily control your availability with Vonza schedule by setting your daily limits for the number of meetings and minimum scheduling notice. Moreover, Vonza also allows you to manage multiple locations and employees. With all this, Vonza makes online scheduling much more comfortable than ever.


Fully mobile responsive

In this technology savvy scenario, smartphones or mobile phones are one of the most widely used devices all across the world. Since mobile use has grown to an extensive level, everyone wants to have access to everything on their smartphones. This calls for the need to have mobile responsive software. Vonza schedule is 100% mobile responsive software that can be used easily on mobile phones, PC, tablets seamlessly. You can easily access this software on your phone without facing any issue or glitches.


Easy cancellation

Cancellation of meetings by your users may be a troublesome task that may confuse your users. Calendly does not allow easy cancellation of meetings by your users. On the other hand, with Vonza, your users can easily reschedule and cancel the booked meetings by using the confirmation email of the meetings booked. The easy rescheduling and cancelation of meetings on Vonza make it a perfect choice for automated scheduling software seekers.


User-friendly interface

Interface is the first thing that customers interact with while using any platform. The software with the easy to use interface will indeed work correctly for you as you can go through the entire software without any issue. Vonza offers its customers a user-friendly interface that allows all the users to use this platform easily without any hassle. Calendly, on the other hand, has a bit complicated interface that makes it difficult for the users to understand how to use Calendly. If you're looking out for software that is easy to use, then Vonza will be a great choice.


Easy notifications update

With Vonza, you can quickly get notified about the upcoming and new appointments or meetings. Vonza scheduling notifies you every time instantly whenever a new appointment or meeting is scheduled. You can easily check your schedules from your mobile phones and, after that, automatically update your calendars. This makes Vonza a perfect Calendly alternative as an automated scheduling software.


Additional features

As many products, software, or platform offers, the more it becomes demanding across the customers. Calendly is entirely automated scheduling software that solely allows you to schedule your meetings and nothing more than that. Still, with Vonza, you can enjoy more amazing and unique products as well. Vonza covers a list of additional products that involves:

  • Online courses
  • Online store
  • Website builder
  • Membership site
  • Email marketing
  • Vonza funnels
  • SMS text
  • Landing pages
  • Vonza Schools

24/7 responsive customer support

The quality and availability of customer support service favorably impact the reputation of software. May it be automated scheduling software or any other platform, having a responsive customer support service is a must. In terms of customer support service, Vonza is much better than Calendly because, with Calendly, you will only get email support. On the other hand, Vonza offers 24/7 responsive customer support via email, chat, and call.


Replaces 16+ more tools

In today’s competitive scenario, you, as an entrepreneur or business owner, might depend on various tools and platforms to take the growth of your business to the next best level. But with Vonza, you no longer need to use multiple platforms for getting your work done because Vonza is full-fledged software that replaces 16+ tools like WordPress, ClickFunnels, and Samcart, etc., and offers you with everything under a single exclusive roof. This makes Vonza a perfect Calendly alternative.

Vonza vs Calendly comparison chart

See why Vonza is better than Calendly for your online business.

Pricing (Lowest Plan)
All-in-One Platform
Customize Dashboard
Online Store
SMS Text
Digital Products
Membership Sites
Website Builder
Live Notifications
Phone Support across all plans
Sales Funnels
Drip Functionality
Sell Downloads
Unlimited Students
School Management System Software
Form Builder
Unlimited Emails
Appointment Scheduler
Free Migrations
Analytics & Reporting
Email Marketing
Order Management
Paid Events
No Transaction Fees
Forever Free Plan
Affiliate Partnership Program on all Plans
Simple Ease of Use
Payment Processor - Stripe, Visa, MasterCard, AmeX, PayPal

The Final Verdict

All the above-stated reasons prove that Vonza is undoubtedly a perfect alternative for Calendly meetings. Though Calendly pricing is a bit lower than Vonza, but by paying just a little more on money on Vonza, you will truly have a fantastic experience by using a software that is ideally built for you. From time zone intelligence to more advanced and additional features, Vonza outstands Calendly in all terms. So, if you want to eliminate back and forth, switch to Vonza Scheduling today and experience how an ideal automated scheduling software works like!

Are you ready to take your online business to the next level?