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It can be difficult to choose a course subject and commit time and resources to content creation given the diversity of courses that already exist. Will it function? Is there a reward in store? It’s very challenging to decide. Therefore, it’s totally fine that you’re looking for inspiration and weighing your options across various industries. We comprehend. This article has covered many online course ideas. 

One hundred topics for online courses have been compiled by our team. To navigate to the area of your choice, click the issue in the table of contents below, or scroll down to see the entire list.

Please keep in mind that these options aren’t set in stone; instead, you might feel the need to narrow them down to appeal to a particular group of people.

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90+ best online course ideas

Here are the best online course ideas. You can read more about it  

10 ideas for Business Courses for online course ideas

The number of individuals who want to start their own business and need to learn how to create a company is as plentiful as the number of startup classes. So, here are some suggestions on how to get started if you can offer an effective approach or tools based on your own experience:

  • locating and evaluating company ideas
  • prototyping for business owners
  • starting a company in the cuisine, flower, retail, coffee, etc.
  • the creation of a company strategy
  • Company formation: law and financial considerations
  • project administration
  • Establishing sales channels
  • Bettering the quality of client support
  • Making game designs (for customers, employees, etc.)
  • Crowdfunding

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10 ideas for career-related courses for online course ideas

While some individuals aspire to launch their own businesses, others would rather work for a well-known company and strive to add value to their teams. How can you land on your ideal job? Will you be able to perform at your best potential? How can you get paid more? If you know the solutions to these inquiries, you should certainly impart your expertise. Here are 10 well-liked concepts:

  • advice on careers for teens
  • Adult career advice
  • Unintentional errors that harm our livelihoods
  • becoming promoted (a raise, a corner office, etc.)
  • securing employment in a specific area (e.g., How to get your first job in design.)
  • Effective distant (digital freelance) Employment
  • Making a cover letter, portfolio, or CV effectively
  • Professional manners (how to behave at the workplace, at work dinners, write professional emails, etc.)
  • advice for acing an employment interview
  • fatigue from a job

10 ideas for the Marketing course for online course ideas

Since marketing is a rapidly changing field, there are countless opportunities to teach something new while also gaining a foundational understanding of the marketing theory that underpins current trends.

  • Marketing strategy for non-marketers
  • Social networking company pages that work (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • estimating the extent of your product’s market
  • Social networking for a particular industry (e.g., real-estate, beauty professionals)
  • establishing a show
  • Making Video Money
  • marketing copywriting
  • developing one’s unique identity
  • Partner promotion
  • messaging promotion

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10 ideas for personal finance and side business courses for online course ideas

Who wouldn’t want to be wealthier? Spending less, making more money, or doing both are the three methods to achieve that.


  • making a strategy for the family company
  • the control of personal assets
  • financial education for kids
  • saving cash (on taxes)
  • Away from materialism
  • For writers, designers, coders, marketers, etc., a side business.
  • Renting out your home to earn money
  • income from a blog
  • becoming a writer for Instagram (or any other medium)
  • Making money by streaming

10 ideas for Technology Courses for online course ideas

Even the most non-technical person can (and ought to) benefit from having some practical technical knowledge.

  • Online programming Web architecture
  • How to begin using Photoshop, Blender, or any other program
  • maximizing the use of Word, Excel, etc.
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  • cell phone evolution
  • website creation without technological expertise
  • data science
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • Cybersecurity
  • constructing a connected house
  • your computer’s repair (or smartphone, etc.)

10 ideas for creative arts programs for online course ideas

Anyone can benefit from creativity, whether they are an expert, an entrepreneur, or a mother blogger. You can encourage the creative expression of thousands of people by using an online education tool.

  • increasing originality (generating more ideas, finding inspiration, etc.)
  • Writing and sharing stories (novels, poems, books, blogs, etc.)
  • Illustration, drawing, and computer work
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • acting methods
  • composing music
  • Calligraphy (calligraphy, writing, etc) (calligraphy, lettering, etc.)
  • Inside-out style
  • Sewing and crocheting
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10 ideas for Self-Development Courses for online course ideas

Self-development courses have the potential to help your students grow and change by lowering anxiety, discovering their true goals, and becoming motivated to pursue them. This subject is a very lucrative concept for an online course because more and more people are realizing the advantages of such training.

  • A happy outlook on existence
  • Stress reduction
  • psychological maturity
  • setting individual objectives
  • Boosting self-assurance
  • Leadership \sProductivity
  • talking in front of an audience
  • Self-awareness (mindfulness, meditation, etc) (mindfulness, meditation, etc.)
  • Motivation

10 ideas for parenting courses for online course ideas

Being a better mom can be as challenging as learning how to program. What’s ideal for your kids? How can you get them to follow orders? A decent father are you? These issues endure despite the passing of generations.

  • preparing for a newborn
  • growth and instruction of young children (e.g., Montessori, Waldorf, etc.)
  • the growth of the infant (nutrition, learning to talk, using a potty, etc.)
  • infant snooze
  • Co-parenting and single-parenting
  • bilingual children
  • Youth and technology
  • defining limits
  • Work management tips for parents, children, and relatives
  • Self-care (making time for yourself) (finding time for yourself)

10 ideas for Family and Relationships Courses for online course ideas

Even though we are born with the desire to interact with others, developing healthy connections can be difficult. There will always be a need for people to interact with one another, so there will always be a need for e-courses that help people improve their relationships with peers, spouses, and family.

  • fostering wholesome connections
  • Beginning partnerships and dating
  • Leaving the “friend zone”
  • Getting ready for matrimony
  • Successful collaboration (family counseling, managing conflicts, etc.)
  • enhancing sexual happiness
  • Managing challenging family members
  • Getting over a divorce
  • Getting over a deception
  • Restoring connections

10 ideas for lifestyle courses for online course ideas

Lifestyle classes can make daily living easier and full of pleasure. They can also assist individuals in identifying a pastime that they may one day transform into a career.

  • achieving work-life harmony
  • eating and cooking (healthy nutrition, baking, vegetarian food, etc.)
  • Fitness (yoga, post-pregnancy recovery, weight reduction, weight increase, becoming more limber, etc) (yoga, post-pregnancy recovery, weight loss, weight gain, becoming more flexible, etc.)
  • Discovering your personal fashion sense
  • Makeup
  • Traveling (hitchhiking, family vacations, finding new paths, etc) (hitchhiking, family trips, discovering new routes, etc.)
  • Cleaning up
  • raising indoor flora
  • protection for animals


A fantastic way to grow your personal brand, expand your knowledge, and have a passive revenue stream is to develop your own online classes. If you put your mind to it, there are many methods to educate almost anything online today.

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