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Each day we began to age.  The metabolism in our body starts to slow down the older we get.  The ability for our bodies to repair itself and even grow begins to slow down.  Our entire body system all the way down to the new cells began to change.  This is a normal process for us to undergo.

Though 40 is not old, around this age is when metabolism slows down.  So losing weight at that age becomes a little more challenging.  The same way our bodies respond in our 20’s is different when we reach 40 and up.  We have to use a different approach in losing weight.

In our 20’s we could stay active to maintain our weight.  You will realize in getting older that fat will cling to you longer than when you were younger.  You have to be more direct with your weight lose strategy.  Nutrition plays a great part in dropping pounds.

As you adopt healthier eating habits you will realize the benefits a proper diet has over exercise.

Drinking Water

There are many benefits to drinking water.  Proper hydrating your body can strengthen your nails, hair, and skin.  In losing weight, burning fat is expedited by drinking plenty of water.  How?  You ask.  Water enables the optimal performance of all your vital organs.


Muscle generation is fueled by protein.  In losing weight you’re not looking to build up muscle but lean muscle tissue assists the body in proper use of energy.  Increasing your protein causes leaner muscle tissue.  It also suppresses hunger so you will eat less.

Take Supplements

You can take advantage of the supplement industry, it’s huge.  So many companies are providing natural supplements these days.  They are easy to acquire and can help you on your road to weight loss.  Also fat burning products are available to help you lose body fat.  Just make sure you check with your doctor before using them.

 Lower Stress

The way you gain and store weight is affected by stress.  Stress is also connected to your habits of eating.  I’m sure you have heard the term comfort food.  Stress can be reduced by drinking water.  More water helps eliminate headaches and boosts your energy.  Also in attempts to reduce stress, sunlight can help.  Sunlight gives you vitamin D which causes you to be happy.    You can also buy vitamin D as a supplement.  Don’t forget exercise.  Exercising releases chemicals in our body that make us happy.  It releases endorphins and serotonin which reduces stress levels.

Light Exercise

With the right diet, all you need is a little exercise to help lose the pounds.  As we said before exercising causes us to feel great but it also forces our bodies to generate leaner muscle tissue and new cells.  Adversely exercising increases your thirst.  So you will in turn drink the water you need.  Also when exercising, if you go outside you will get vitamin D and the oxygen your body needs.  Walking on uneven terrain gives pushes your body, especially your core.  It forces your body to adjust the changes.

Ample Rest

Get plenty of rest.  It’s important in so many ways.  It helps your muscles, joints, and reduces stress hormones.  In aging, people complain about having insomnia but it is not normal to the process.  Regular exercise can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.  Also getting enough sunlight is connected to getting adequate sleep.

Eat Carbs

This may shock you but eating carbohydrates can be good for you.  Carbs give you energy.  In order to lose weight you want to exchange simple carbs for complex carbs.  Complex carbs give you the good energy you need.  So decrease simple carbs such as chips, white bread, white pasta, and white rice.  Simple carbs give you quick energy that is not lasting.  Complex carbs such as beans, whole grains, vegetables, and peas give you good energy that lasts.

Change Fat

One of the first things people are tempted to do when losing weight is eliminate fat from their diet.  No, No, No!  Don’t do it.  Healthy fats are needed in our bodies.  Foods like fish provide the good fat our bodies need.  It provides us with Omega 3.  The fats that our bodies need less of are candy, oily foods, sweets, and from

Treat Yourself

You may have started dieting and got rid of all the stuff you shouldn’t have.  Only to have a moment and binge eat all at once.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself.  The “bad” stuff just have a little bit as a treat.  Don’t go overboard.  Plus you find the more you eat healthy stuff soon your junk food won’t taste that great.

No deadlines

Since you are making a lifestyle change in your diet coming up with a deadline will be counterproductive.  Giving yourself a goal of 6 weeks may be too much pressure.  Especially since you might not see the results you’re looking for in that time.  You will be tempted to give up.  So do away with the time lines.  You will be more successful in your diet and maintaining your healthier lifestyle.

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  • Jake G.


    July 7, 2021 at 4:01 am

    Yeah taking water is very good for the body. Treat your body well and your body will thank you for it.

  • Elizabeth jack


    July 7, 2021 at 4:04 am

    I am 43yrs old but I don’t look it. My mantra – “stay away from junk foods and take lots of water”.

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