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Also known as a conversion funnel, a sales funnel is a marketing method that plots out the journey a customer goes through when making a purchase.

The general path that a customer takes can be categorized into four stages; awareness, interest, decision, and action stage.

From the moment a prospect comes across your page to when he/she successfully checks out after buying, it is important to ensure that you acquire maximum conversions from your sales funnel.

In this article, we will look at ways to optimize your funnel for more conversions.

How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Follow the following strategies to come up with a highly converting sales funnel:

1.   Understand your audience

When setting up a sales funnel for your business, ensure that you map out the shopping journey of your target personas. Identify where your buyers start and plot a perfect route that links with your end goal.

A buyer’s journey dictates what kind of funnel you will create. Determine the best way to improve your prospect’s existing journey to find the best funnel and consequently acquire more leads and conversions.

2.   Create informative content

Prospects are 131% more likely to buy from you if your content is educational. On your landing page, show your prospects a reason why they should care about your product or service.

Address their problems and provide insights on how your product will offer the solution they need. If you talk more about your products rather than their issues, you are likely to lose many prospects along your funnel.

In the first stage of your sales funnel, create awareness with captivating content. Educational content positions you as an established brand and earns you trust from potential clients.

Educational content also lets you catch the main keywords that internet users type into search engines, therefore improving the chances that your website will rank higher.

3.   Use engaging media

After grabbing the attention of your prospects, it is crucial to maintain them throughout your sales funnel by engaging them with appealing media products.

Besides setting you apart from competitor businesses, great media helps prospects to understand more about your product or service. High-quality product photos, bespoke videos and animations go a long way in keeping potential clients intricate.

4.   Use positive reviews and customer testimonials

In a sales funnel, earning customer’s trust is crucial. Remember you are building a rapport with your clients that will last even after they buy.

Therefore, you need to inject social proof and testimonials from previous clients. This does not only influence prospects to make a positive purchasing decision but also earns your brand a good reputation.

In addition, displaying previous awards and success stories makes you stand out against rival brands. Research your competitors and evaluate the effectiveness of customer reviews and testimonials.

If bigger brands can benefit from them, there’s a good chance that they will help your brand grow too.

5.   Use powerful Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Your main goal is to convert a lead into a conversion. CTAs are very short lines you use to trigger prospects to buy your product or service.

After they learn about their problem and identify ways of solving them, you need to prompt them to consider the solution you are offering. In that regard, your CTA should be strong, catchy, clearly visible and highly compelling.

It should also be direct, and urgent and encourages the potential client to take the next action – making the purchase. Emphasize why your product or service is the best solution, and why they must act now.

More importantly, you must position your CTA in a prominent and easily noticeable position. This can be at the top of your page, the bottom of a guidepost or even as a pop-up message.

Your CTA button should be quick to notice by using a colour that contrasts the background page of your website.

6.   Use simple forms and checkouts

Long and complex forms reduce customer friction even when they are ready to buy. Use a simple form to collect the most important credentials only – email address or phone number.

Ensure you have built enough trust before requesting card details of prospects. With Vonza’s amazing tools, you can create simple forms that prospects will find it easy to fill.

7.  Use various payment options

Give your prospects various payment options to choose from. Besides giving them convenience, different payment options allow customers from different locations to shop for your products and services.

It is important to conduct a scrutinous study of your sales funnel to determine where most prospects drop. Thereafter, find solutions to the challenge.

8.  Be readily on-hand to offer support

Most customers need answers to their insecurities before deciding to buy. In the action stage of your sales funnel, you should offer instant answers to their queries.

Stand out against your competitor businesses by providing a simple way for prospects to get in touch with you and receive instantaneous responses.

You will be able to close more deals if you can be more available to clients. With numerous irrelevant or too simple questions being thrown your way, chatbots make the communication process easier.

9. Mend holes in your sales funnel

Where do you lose the most prospects in your sales funnel? Of course, not all prospects who enter the top of the tour funnel eventually convert into paying customers.

For instance, if your page visitors get pissed off by the design of your website, you will need to upgrade or redesign it.

Rebrand your company if your business needs an entirely new look. Build your sales funnel the easy way with Vonza funnel builder which allows you to create a converting sales funnel.

10.  Retain your customers

60% of customers decline offers four times before finally making a buy. After leads turn to conversions, it should not just end there; follow up with your customers. Businesses thrive with strong relationships.

Therefore, about three weeks after they purchase your offering, reach out to your previous customers. Show them that you care about them and not just your business. And follow up with prospects who did not convert.


To recap, a well-optimized sales funnel is crucial for businesses to achieve more conversions. Take time to understand your customers and market your products and services to solve their problems. To generate more leads and sales, explore Vonza’s funnel builder now!

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