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Sales Funnel Conversion Rate refers to the number of total sales made divided by the number of leads on your landing page. It is an important metric since it shows how efficiently your sales funnel converts traffic into qualified leads.

Another important factor is learning how to build your sales funnel correctly. The following strategy will help optimize your funnel and increase sales.

Map Out Your Buyers’ Shopping Journey

There could be a possibility that your sales funnel doesn’t fit your persona’s shopping journey.

To improve it, you need to study the steps that qualified leads take from their first impression to their final checkout.

Your funnel can subsequently be either three or four-staged, tailored specifically for your landing page visitors.

Improve the User Experience

Your shopper’s journey should be simple and extremely easy for them to purchase your products and services.

Remove any distractions such as complicated website layouts, complex forms, and too many choices to improve user experience.

Moreover, you should make your website mobile-friendly, considering that 90% of the world’s population use mobile phones to access the internet.

Focusing on user experience, or UX is crucially important since it promotes customers’ loyalty and fulfills their needs.

If you can offer a comfortable experience for your customers, you can significantly convert more website visits into sales. Build a seamless website that puts you ahead of the user experience.

Plan Your Content Strategically

The readability of your content is key in maintaining prospects down your sales funnel.

For every stage of your funnel, you need to craft content that is specifically tailored to the prospect’s needs in that stage. This ensures that you deliver the appropriate message at each stage.

For instance, in the awareness stage of your sales funnel, you should exclusively familiarize your prospects with their challenges, otherwise, they might drop out of the funnel even before reaching the interest stage.

Provide Social Proof and Testimonials

In any business, trust and reputation are strong success baits. You need to inject social proof into your e-commerce site to build trust from prospects and let them see the feasibility of the products you are selling. Adding testimonials regularly generates approximately 62% more revenue for businesses.

Leverage excellent projects, certificates, and reviews from previous buyers to entice new genuine customers.

Besides developing clients’ confidence, including a section of customer reviews on your e-commerce site also improves the relationship between you and them.

Grow Your organic Search Traffic

Incorporating higher buying-intent keywords into your search policy massively increases funnel conversion rates.

Aspire to grab more organic traffic through search engines since it is the most consistent and stable source of traffic.

If you can target your prospects’ intent to buy the product you are offering, there is a better chance that they will convert.

Analyze the keyword volumes of buyers’ intent keenly and focus on them when crafting content for your e-commerce site.

Concentrating on informative keywords alone will channel traffic to your website, but those visitors may fail to convert because their main focus isn’t buying but rather learning.

Use strong CTAs

The Call-To-Action is your envisioned intention for writing all the content on your landing page. When urging your potential customers to buy your product, you should be brief, stout, and persuasive.

You don’t want to displease your visitors with multiple CTAs. Instead, use one or two powerful Call-To-Actions which should be strategically and distinctively placed at the end of your article.

Too many of them will sound non-generic and will irritate prospects to drop from the funnel. Use Google Analytics to see how prospects move down your sales funnel.

If most funnel dropouts occur after a CTA redirects to a new page, you should consider removing the CTA or modifying it.

Create a sense of Urgency

Scarcity widgets help boost conversion rates by up to 11%. Implement a countdown clock on venerable deals and offers and watch your cold leads convert into sales.

You can also mount pressure by instigating limited stock offers such that buyers who make purchases first get to enjoy the incentive. However, this method of sales should be transparent and authentic to perform well.

Diversify Your Payment Options and Simplify Pricing

Make the initial process of buying as easy as possible. Allow your customers to complete their purchases with one or two clicks by offering advanced payment options such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and other alternatives.

Additionally, you can optimize your checkout page by offering free shipping services, using live chat to offer assistance on payment, etc.

Besides retaining customers, an optimized checkout greatly increases the possibility that a customer will refer a friend, generally improving your business.

Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns

84% of customers are irritated by automated campaigns. For that reason, getting personal is key to raking in more conversions.

For instance, consider sending a handwritten note when responding to a client’s query, or sending personalized email marketing campaigns, which mention the prospect’s name correctly and severally. This will make them feel valued and cared for despite there being thousands of them to be attended to.

Mend Holes in your Sales Funnel

Unmistakably, not all prospects who enter the top of your sales funnel make it through the bottom. But it is important to observe where your prospects drop the most and decipher a reason for it.

Many reasons will prevent a lead from performing a transaction, which could include uncertain shopping guidelines, complex payment procedures, and so on.

Some visitors might even forget that they were shopping for a product. Consequently, It is important to check all the possible reasons and address them effectively.


More conversions can be reached if more leads can reach the bottom of your sales funnel, therefore it is crucial to optimize it. Build your sales funnel and use the tips above to close more deals. Use our amazing tool to create beautiful sales funnels that will get you leads and create big sales!

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