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You can build a sales funnel using Vonza, even if you have never created one before. A sales funnel has four main stages; that’s the Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action stages. A buyer may go through all four stages before they buy a product or service.

Read on to discover how to build a sales funnel fast with Vonza Funnels.

Sales Funnel Stages Template


This is the first point of contact a lead will have on information about your product. This could be through word-of-mouth on social media, from their circle of friends, or even a family member. They then go to your product’s landing page to view it.

They may also have searched for a solution on a search engine, and your product was among the top listed results. If their need is urgent, and they trust their source, they can choose to buy your product immediately.

However, that does not happen often, and chances are they will just develop some interest, and want to learn more.


This is the second point of contact a lead will have with your sales funnel. By now, their interest is aroused enough to want to know what you have to offer. This is the point where you must offer them quality information, using a detailed product guide.

However, your tone must not be too salesy, because all they want to know is the full benefits, features, and any downsides the product may have. They may also want to compare your product with others.

You should create a funnel website that helps them do that, without leaving your website.


This is the third stage of a sales funnel. At this point the customer will have done their research. If they are still looking at your product, they are often looking for an excuse to buy it. At this point, they may look at your product pricing.

You can give them one by offering discounts that competitors aren’t offering. You can create a funnel that offers them free shipping, or a money-back guarantee within a specific period. That helps them feel they are getting more value for their money.


This is where your lead decides to buy your product or not buy your product. If they buy your product, you have to carry on with the lead nurturing process. For instance, you can thank them, and ask them to give a review or testimony after using the product.

You can also ask them to sign up for future updates of the product, or updates on the availability of related products. If they don’t buy, you can use their contacts to remind them of future offers and discounts.

Overall, your sales funnel continues with upsells, and reminders, depending on their previous action. The only exception is if they opt out of your sales funnel. That can do that by unsubscribing from your email list or SMS list.


The Vonza sales funnel builder incorporates all the above stages and strategies. You can use it to promote any product or service you have hosted or built with Vonza. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial to enjoy increased sales from your online business.

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