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There are two different types of customer profiles in the realm of digital marketing: those who are low risk – low reward and thus produce low ticket sales, and those who are high risk – high reward and thus produce high ticket sales. Read this article to know more about what is high ticket sales. 

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High-ticket customers are those who are ready to pay more for your services and who enable your digital firm to exit survival mode.

Even though a sustainable business plan typically does include some cheap ticket purchases, having too many of them can impede your expansion. When dealing with clients who have limited funds, you would need to take up more businesses and plan the number of sales to generate a profit. This significantly raises your purchase expenses over time.

What is high ticket sales?

A promotion for an airline ticket to Hawaii that includes a one-night motel stay is an illustration of a high-ticket transaction. Compare that to selling smartphone cases made of silicon, which is an illustration of low price sales.

What is the difference?

Selling cheap smartphone cases is much simpler than buying that flight to Hawaii. Additionally, you’ll need to sell a truckload of covers in order to make the same amount of money from one ticket transaction, so selling a single high-ticket item will yield a greater prize.

Sales rates for expensive items are typically more focused. Growing your high value clientele requires a lot more time and effort. Low ticket sales are frequently prompted by periodic sales or particular months and are mass-marketed. However, you can use these 10 tips to increase your online sales.

Why Focus on High-Ticket clients to understand what is high ticket sales?

When you receive your income, the enormous effort put into acquiring high-ticket customers is evident. The stakes are high; you’re dealing with fewer clients and, if you don’t succeed, you could lose all of your income.

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Sales rates for expensive items are typically more focused. Growing your high value clientele requires a lot more time and effort. Low ticket sales are frequently prompted by periodic sales or particular months and are mass-marketed.

Why, then, should you focus on high-ticket sales? Let’s examine some of the advantages.

Why Focus on High-Ticket Customers to understand what is high ticket sales?

When you receive your income, the enormous effort put into acquiring high-ticket customers is evident. Yes, there is a lot at risk. You are dealing with fewer clients, and if you don’t close the transaction, you may not receive any money at all. However, there are clever methods to dance around that. For instance, you could start off with some low-ticket purchases.


The main advantage of having high-ticket customers is that you can generate more income from a smaller number of clients. A single large transaction generates a much higher profit margin than numerous small purchases. With the former, you’ll need to attract and serve a lot more customers in order to generate the kind of profit you do with a single high-value customer.

Therefore, you have fewer clients to assist when making high-ticket purchases. As a result, you can concentrate your efforts more on attracting high-ticket customers who will spend more for your services.

How to Successfully Land High-Ticket Sales to understand what is high ticket sales

It’s best practice to avoid the straight sale when aiming for high-ticket customers. The last thing anyone needs is a sly salesperson spamming members of an online organization to purchase memberships. Locate online communities where your target audience hangs out, and contribute value to discussions while spreading knowledge of what you do.

1. Determine whether your service has what it takes to attract high-end customers to understand what is high ticket sales

You must first evaluate how your service or product stacks up against the competitors. Your products may need to be rebranded to appear more valued in order to convince customers that they are worth the price. Once that’s done, you can focus on developing a relationship with prospects.

2. Establish a Credible Online Presence in Groups and Communities to understand what is high ticket sales

While developing your perfect customer profile, you can determine which organizations and communities are pertinent to the target population. Once you’ve joined those organizations, concentrate your efforts on being recognized as a person who truly provides value rather than just a vendor.

You need to establish credibility with high-ticket leads if you want to make high-ticket transactions. Sending a proposition to a lead who meets your requirements may be alluring, but it almost certainly won’t work out. This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that you’ve located an appropriate lead, your lead isn’t yet confident that they’ve located the ideal squad for the task. They still need to regard you as trustworthy.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and unsolicited letters are the three best methods, according to Journey Engine, to increase your exposure to your target audience. LinkedIn moves more slowly than Facebook in terms of reaction time, which is almost immediate. Twitter has an equally fast reaction time to Facebook. Create an authoritative image using these online channels.

3. Place powerful filters to understand what is high ticket sales

Make sure that only the clients you want can get through to your system if you want to attract high-ticket customers. Therefore, limit your social media posts to hospitals in that region if you’ve chosen to target big healthcare providers in a particular district. To ensure that you convert the correct leads, stay true to your perfect customer description. You should consider whether you need to employ more designers if your high-ticket client needs significantly more design work while your focus is solely on website development work in order to reduce long-term costs.

Additionally, you must reject leads that don’t match the description of your perfect customer. You’re saving both of you time and allowing your lead to find a firm that can work with their budget, so think of it as a service you’re doing for yourself and your lead. 

3. Build Relationships, Not Sales to understand what is high ticket sales

Ask questions to learn more about the difficulties and issues your prospects deal with. Determine the members of the group’s trouble spots by connecting with them. Once you have enough information, you might start by outlining some of these issues and offering potential remedies in a lengthy blog article. 

Establish yourself as a subject matter expert in social media organizations with audiences that are similar to your perfect customer. You can accomplish this by interacting with your audience by consistently giving them value through Facebook seminars, Twitter campaigns, and other means.

4. Increase Your Voice’s Empathy to understand what is high ticket sales

Empathy makes it simpler to turn a high-value customer. Talk about issues that both of you have and describe how a particular product or service can help you. The best time to explain why your answer is the best one for their issue is even later in the high-ticket sales funnel.

Your customer will appreciate this because they are interested in both your services and your business model. The fact that your customer will probably view you as a useful problem-solver rather than just a sales-driven agency after you complete the job is a major win in this situation. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that you shouldn’t make an extra effort to ease their discomfort. If your lead’s issues can’t be solved without getting you hired, that’s a warning sign that they might not be your ideal customer.

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5. A Follow-Up to understand what is high ticket sales

Keep in touch with your prospects. If you want to turn the offer into a customer, schedule a few hours during the day to concentrate on follow-ups.

This provides them a reason to value you as more of a contact because you are going above and beyond and showing them that you respect their time. The key here is to consistently check in with them with a friendly welcome even if your follow-up doesn’t move the lead closer to sale.

This is an additional location where you can get recommendations from these high-value prospects.

6. Maintain Your Relationship with the Client as the Primary Goal to understand what is high ticket sales

Although you won’t be speaking with many clients at once, your high-ticket clients will receive a lot more contact. Therefore, give your customer relationships more attention. In order to understand the challenges faced by your client’s business, keep up with trends, news, and information about it.

One strategy for attracting expensive customers is Mike Killen’s structure. Let’s examine this procedure. Remember that you will need to dedicate a lot of time to such customers during the project discovery period.

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7. To Work with High Value Clients, Prepare Your Team to understand what is high ticket sales

You can concentrate on giving your High-Ticket customers the finest assistance because you have fewer clients to take care of. This does have a warning, though. If a customer chooses to stop using your services and switch to another, you will lose out on a lot of money. It requires time and several meetings to find another customer with an equivalently high-ticket value, if not higher. 

Train your staff to offer better customer care if you want to keep your client. If you’re working alone, you’ll need to set aside some time to acquire some methods for enhancing client management and offering value in order to keep your high-ticket customers on board. You can always learn how to terminate a client and pursue some expensive substitutes if you have problematic customers.

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For a bigger income stream from specific customers and to boost your market worth, concentrate on high-ticket sales.  Now that you know why it’s advantageous to focus on high-ticket sales, you can apply Mike Killen’s 6A structure to your high-ticket sales pipeline. Once the sale has been made, take the necessary steps to guarantee customer happiness.

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