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Whether you’re selling online courses or other products, there is a need for you to create a business website. Every Business website needs a sales page. Today, we shall look at three types of sales pages for your online business.

In our previous article, we explained how to create a sales page for your business.

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Define the target audience for your business, create an affiliate program and engage in digital marketing to boost sales.

Blogging and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are important aspects of digital marketing. Choose a sales page that works best for you to market your business using these marketing strategies.

The three types of sales pages to sell your online courses are text-only sales page, Text and video sales page, and video sales letter.

Text Only Sales Page

As the name implies, Text only sales page contains only texts. It is also referred to as a long-form sales letter.

All of the content on this type of page is in text form. It is also helpful to include images throughout the page to help support the text, and improve the overall look and design of the page.

Text And Video Sales Page

This type of page includes a combination of text and video content. The video portion of the page is often a shorter version of the written content or an introduction to the course.

It could also be a full-length sales video that includes all of the same elements as a long-form sales letter, giving the reader the option of watching the video or reading the page, or both.

Videos Sales Letter

A video sales letter (VSL) is a video designed to sell a product or service to the viewer. The basic video sales letter formula has eight key sections.

1. Attention grabber.

Your opening should shock or surprise viewers. You want to grab their attention and hint at what’s to come.

2. Highlight the issue/problem.

What problem does your audience face that your service or product solves? Highlight the issue here and use any facts, stats, or quotes to drive it home.

3. Speak to your audience on an emotional level.

Really drive home the importance of the problem or issue. Focus on the pain point, and relate to your audience by sharing an emotional story and detailing your personal experience with the problem.

4. Gently introduce your solution.

This shouldn’t be a hard sell. You want to show people you can help, without pushing too much.

5. Establish credibility.

Position yourself as a trustworthy authority. You can mention your credentials here, but try to avoid looking like you’re bragging.

6. Provide proof.

You can’t expect your viewers to simply take your word for it that your product works, you need to demonstrate it.

7. Encourage action.

You’ve laid out the problem, introduced the solution, and provided proof — what do you want your viewers to do next? This is where you make your call to action.

8. Summarize.

Close by summarizing the benefits of your product or service, and reinforcing the reasons viewers should buy now. You want to briefly reiterate the action you want them to take, and why, where, and how to do it.

Sales Page Structure vs. Content

As you create the sales page for your course, there are two things you’ll want to consider. The first is the structure. The second is the content. Can you guess which one is more important?

The answer is neither. Structure and content are both equally important. Great content with bad structure doesn’t work very well.

And great structure with bad content doesn’t work very well either. Your sales page needs to have compelling content, and that content needs to be presented in a specific order in order to be effective.

What to Include on Your Sales Page

The most effective sales pages for online courses typically contain most, if not all, of the elements outlined below:

  • A compelling headline 
  • An opening story 
  • Bullet points 
  • The solution/offer 
  • Bonuses 
  • Testimonials 
  • Credibility
  • FAQ 
  • Pricing details
  • Risk Reversal 

The order in which these elements are presented may vary somewhat, but in most cases, they are always there. These are the basic building blocks of a course sales page.

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