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Loving yourself is very important. It sets the tone on how you will show love to others.  If you don’t love yourself it’s difficult to love others. 

How you feel about yourself is evident in the way you walk, talk, and look.  Whether you know it or not how you love yourself affects the way you treat people. 

Loving “you” makes it easier for people to interact with you and allows them to see you can lead.

When you have low self-esteem you tend to have poor posture.  You walk or sit slouched over or it’s difficult for you to look people in the eye. 

Though you may not notice it, it sends signals to people that you are unsure, not confident, or even unauthentic. 

Viewing yourself lowly will cause you to think that no one likes you.  No matter what you do, your overall view of your self will be displayed.

Here are some ways to daily love yourself!

Daily tell yourself that you love “YOU”   

You will believe it the more you say it!

Give yourself compliments

When you look at yourself each day, say something you like about yourself.  Some call it positive self-talk.  You are worth it!

Speak positively about attributes you don’t like

You’ve probably heard the term “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  Basically take an attribute you don’t like and find something good to say about it. 

For instance if you think your feet are too big, you would say something like “oh I have a great foundation.  It won’t be easy for me to fall over”.

Stop focusing on attributes you don’t like

We are our own worse critiques.  Most people don’t notice the things we don’t like.  So don’t dwell on it.

Monitor your thoughts

Listen to the thoughts you think throughout the day.  Are they generally negative or positive?  Make a conscious decision to think positive thoughts.  If a negative thought pops up quickly replace it with a positive one.

Don’t believe those negative thoughts

That critic inside you is a liar.  When you get negative thoughts such as “I am nothing” don’t listen.  Tell yourself “I am great, just the way I am” or something similar to counter that thought.

Acknowledge you’re not alone

You aren’t the only one that has self-doubt, nervous, or critical of yourself.  Everyone has those thoughts.  Confident people have learned how to master shutting up that negative inner thought.

Accept you

Be comfortable in your own skin.  Accept yourself for who you are.  Flaws and all.  We all have improvements to make but find joy and contentment in who you are today.

Find quiet time

Daily find time where you can sit and think.  Allow yourself to process your thoughts.  Don’t get so busy with all the cares of the world that you take time to yourself. 

In that quiet time speak those positive thoughts and replace the negative thoughts with productive thoughts.  Don’t worry its healthy to have some alone time.

Don’t compare yourself to others

So, what if you think you are not as far as someone else in life.  You have your own path and road you must take.  You can’t waste time comparing yourself to other people.  You must focus on your own way.

Help others

One of the greatest ways to love you is to help others.  In helping others you assist them in accomplishing something in that day.  Whether it’s getting a meal, getting some coffee, or helping put groceries in the car. 

You are helping someone else complete a task.  You have now added more value to your own life.  Your place in life matters.  You will definitely see how important you are when you help fulfill a need.

So get to it.  Don’t wait till tomorrow to use these tips to boost your love for yourself.  A confident you is what the world is waiting for.  You have specific gifts that other people need.  So do yourself a favor and the others around you and tell yourself “I love you”.  Please, do it now!

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  • Oliver D.


    July 7 at 4:24 am

    I love me, I care about me and I cherish me. These are going to be my daily words from now henceforth.

  • Rose Peters


    July 7 at 4:26 am

    Thanks for this am definitely going to take myself out this weekend.

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