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Marriage can be challenging at times but it is a relationship that is worth the fight.  Here are 10 ways to restore your marriage.

1 – Be Honest

No matter how difficult the conversations may be you have to be honest with your spouse.  Talk about the issues in your marriage.  You can’t change what you don’t know.  So just be frank with your spouse.  Let them know what the issue is, how you feel, ways to improve.

2 – Apologize

I don’t know why so many people have a problem saying those 3 words “I am sorry”.  It diffuses so many problems.  When your spouse knows that you are sincere in your apology it softens their heart and now they are more likely to listen to what you have to say.

3 – Date Your Spouse

Have a weekly date nights or some time your devout to just you two.  With work and kids and other responsibilities its crucial to keep your marriage intact.  All those things you did when you were dating continue to do throughout your marriage.

4 – Actively Listen

Listening is an art form.  Don’t just say “uh huh, yes dear, or ahhhh” you have to listen.  You have to actively listen to your spouse.  Pay attention to those things that are interesting to them.  Ask questions or give some feedback to let them know you are listening.

5 – Ask For Ways to Improve

Take time to regularly ask your spouse how to improve in areas.  In what ways can you show more love or respect?  Ask them ways to improve on attending to their needs.

6 – Discover Their Love Language

Find the ways your spouse feels the most loved.  We all need love but express it in different ways.  Some people like you to do things for them others prefer you spend time with them.  Find your spouse preferred method of communication and cater to that.  They will in turn communicate love that is appealing to you.

7 – Keep the Bedroom Heated

Physical intimacy is very important in a marriage.  You want to keep the bedroom exciting.  Have fun making love with your spouse.  Don’t allow it to get dull and boring.  Ask your spouse how to improve in the bedroom.  Don’t be scared!!

8 – Compromise

Selfishness is one of the things that will destroy a marriage.  Remember you are not single and you have to make compromises to please your spouse.  Both of you have to make compromises for a healthy marriage.  It can’t be just your way. 

9 – Have Fun

Enjoy your marriage.  Take time to laugh, have fun, or do whatever you both enjoy.  Marriage is much more enjoyable when you love spending time with your spouse.

10 – Pray Together

This is the last thing listed but should be at the top of priorities on your marriage to-do list.  Nothing brings a couple together like praying together.  Couples that pray together are more emotionally connected together.  They bond on a deeper level.  It’s difficult to separate people that are joined emotionally and spiritually.

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  • Tom Brown


    July 7, 2021 at 4:07 am

    Putting God first in your marriage is the best way to repair your marriage.

  • Pricilla David


    July 7, 2021 at 4:09 am

    I certainly agree with you. Saying sorry to your spouse can easily save you your home.

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