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Backlinks and Page Speed are very important. But when it comes to blogging, content is the king. It is imperative for creators to master the art of creating Quality Posts.

Writers must create quality content to rank high on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Apart from Search Engines, readers love to read high-quality posts.

You’re about to learn how to identify and create impressive blog posts that will attract love from people and Search Engines (SEO).

What Is Quality Post?

Quality post can be defined as web content or post that shows a high degree of uniqueness and depth of information. A quality blog post must add value.

High-Quality articles answer questions; not misleading. Good content follows what the title says and it gives readers the desired information and experience.

How To Identify High Quality Articles

How do I know high-quality posts? This is a question you must answer before talking about how to create high-quality articles.

Creating quality content is not a mouth thing but a heart thing. It is not a handset but an asset. The following are ways you can identify a high-quality blog post:

1. Quality Posts Are Original

You can’t differentiate quality content from original content. Also, you cannot associate quality content with copied content.

Quality posts are 100% genuine. They are not manipulated or twisted. They present facts in an orderly manner.

2. Quality Posts Aren’t Misleading

Quality content agrees with the post title. The content does everything the title says and not the exact opposite. Quality titles are unique and represent solutions in the mind of readers.

3. Useful And Practicable

Apart from being unique and having a good title, quality content solves problems. The solutions are not only in the title but in the content. They provide satisfactory solutions.

If you’ve gone through a blog post, gotten useful information, and are fully satisfied with the writer then it is a quality one. Good content satisfies, answers questions and solves problems.

4. Quality Content Adds Value

Wow! I am blessed. This is the reaction you get from quality content. It doesn’t just repeat what every other writer has said, you can easily notice that the information comes with the writer’s wealth of experience and information.

5. Accurate And Factual Values

Quality posts give you exact statistics and not predictions or unverified news. In addition to that, the facts presented are carefully and accurately cited.

6. Quality Content Are Up to Date

The world is changing at the speed of light. If you cannot change with at least the speed of sound, you will miss a lot of what life has to offer.

Quality content is one that enjoys updates when necessary. They are not written and abandoned forever. Yesterday’s information may not help your readers in today’s reality. It is, therefore, imperative to keep your content up to date.

7. Must Be Readable

A high-quality blog post is one that is readable and understandable. They must be presented in simple languages so that readers don’t get very confused.

An average person should be able to read and understand great content.

8. Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

A quality blog post is one created for both humans and search engines. For humans to boost readers’ experience and for search engines to rank high on search results.

9. Must Have Target Audience

Quality articles are created for specific people and to solve specific problems. They are not written for writing sake, but to add value. Quality posts are targeted content.

10. Has Simple Words And Paragraph

Quality posts are constructed with a simple combination of words and they are broken down into short paragraphs. This makes the ideas presented easier to digest.

How To Create High-Quality Posts

Take these steps to create quality content that attracts readers, Search Engines and SEO Backlinks…

1. Don’t Copy And Paste

To create good posts, you must avoid the act of copying content from other blogs by all means. You are permitted to write on the same topic but not using the same language. Let your content be unique and original.

You may be thinking, “what new thing should I bring to the table when they have already written everything?”. You surely have a whole lot to contribute.

The success of others doesn’t mean that you are failing. If we compare ourselves to Neil Patel And Brian Dean, we will never write another post. There is definitely something new that you have to offer.

2. Your Content Should Represent You

When was the last time someone told you, “your blog posts are just different”? Be careful of unhealthy imitations. Content creation is not to compete but to complete.

You don’t need to be like any other person. Create blog posts the way it flows in you. You were created original, don’t become a copy.

Fake is very expensive to maintain. Don’t write because you want to impress or be like others; Write to express yourself.

When people read your blog, they should know that it is your work. Create your own writing pattern that readers will love and adapt to.

3. Use Catchy Headlines

Your headlines determine whether people will view your content or not. Write headlines that will grab the attention of readers. This is a very important step to increase your click-through rate.

Your headlines should not be too long or too short. It should also contain your focus keywords. What would be your reaction to seeing a headline like 101 Hot Cake Topics to Blog About? Tempting right?

As a way of making your headline more beautiful, you can choose to start each word of the post title with a capital letter. This doesn’t make you rank higher but it makes sense when you rank.

4. Write Posts For People

Before creating content, ask yourself the question, who am I creating this content for, and what problem is it meant to solve?

When you are done creating the content, Ask yourself another question, can this article actually solve this problem? Is it a better solution to this issue? Always confirm that your articles add value before publishing.

5. Make Your Content Readable

Some blogs are annoying. Some bloggers stuff keywords. Don’t be a confused blogger. Make sure people can understand what you are trying to pass across. Don’t just be a shouter, be a shouter that inspires.

6. Update Your Posts

Once in a while, ensure to add fresh ideas to your old posts. This doesn’t only increase the quality but also boosts ranking. Don’t let old information be the order of the day in your content.

Blog posts with information that aren’t permanent should be checked at least once a year for possible updates.

7. Learn OnPage SEO

Effective Onpage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies make the quality of your content and page even higher. Use Grammarly and plugins like Yoast SEO and RankMath for writing guides if you’re a WordPress user.

What is the use of Quality content when no one sees it? It is absolutely useless. To further expose your content to the world, the need to optimize it for search engines arises.

Content is the king. It may take you time to create good content, but it is always worth it. Ensure to place quality over quantity.

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