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Digital Marketing covers activities that are carried out to Sell Products Online. It is a way of advertising and selling goods and services online.

Notable Digital Marketing Strategies are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Podcasting, and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

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Today, we shall be sharing the Importance of Personalization in Digital Marketing. You may be wondering, what is Personalization when it comes to digital marketing?

Personalization is the practice of providing a customer experience that is well-aligned with the consumer’s preferences and specific needs.

Personalization is the practice of making sure the unique needs and preferences of each individual consumer are addressed. It ensures that their customer experience is positive by showing you understand who they are and what they want.

In digital marketing, personalization delivers personal experiences based on a consumer’s previous actions, purchase history, demographics, and browsing behavior.

10 Key Benefits of Personalization

Personalization can have a very big impact on businesses all around the world. A large percentage of e-commerce enterprises have invested in personalization some key benefits are:

  • Personalization improves user experience
  • It improves Lead quality
  • It reduces the cost of acquiring new customers
  • Improved engagement because customers feel you are speaking directly to them
  • Personalization increases repeat purchases
  • Increase loyalty and customers retention
  • It boosts revenue and ROI

Advanced personalization offers a $20 return for every $1 spent.

Personalization In Modern Marketing

Every passing day sees a growth in the rate at which consumers expect personalization in Digital Marketing.

Personalized marketing has become a hot cake when it comes to Digital Marketing. Consumers’ expectations for personalized experiences are growing every day.

In fact, 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads. Businesses are striving to meet these expectations and garner the benefits of personalized marketing, such as increased ROI and improved conversions.

Get Started

Ask yourself how well you know your customers.

The first step towards personalization is to know whether your customers are fully ready. Are they happy with your services? What would your target audience like you to improve upon?

The answers to such questions are a good starting point. You can create surveys to test your customers’ readiness for personalized services.

Create Smart Content

Content that changes dynamically according to the targeted customer segment is termed “smart content.” Smart content is content created to meet the intent of your users.

Content With User Intent refers to the aspects of an email, ad, landing page, or website that can be changed based on the past behavior or interest of a user.

Smart content should target and meet the needs of your users based on:

  • Their name
  • Age
  • Where they live
  • Language
  • Email address
  • Social media interactions
  • Previous offers they’ve used
  • Other websites they’ve visited
  • Previous activity on your site

This information can then be used to customize the content in various ways. The good news is that Vonza can help you grow your business, as well as guide you to create smart content.

Create Personalized Videos

Content can be in the form of texts, images, and videos. When it comes to personalization, the importance of videos cannot be overemphasized.

On average, people spend 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos online. In 2020, U.S. adults spent 209 minutes per day watching TV video content and 103 minutes per day watching digital video on devices.

In fact, as of 2022, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. This makes video content an irreplaceable part of any business’s marketing strategy.

The main reason why people love watching videos is because of their highly interactive nature. In fact, personalized videos can be the best form of interactive marketing given that messages through videos are retained better.

Optimized Your Website

First, your business needs a website. Quickly take advantage of Vonza’s Website Builder if you’re yet to create a business website.

You must then optimize your website to meet users’ intent. Most users on your website are merely looking for info about products or services. It is how you lure them that determines whether they will make any kind of purchase.

Omnichannel Personalization 

Is your online presence consistent across multiple platforms? Another aspect is understanding where your consumers are coming from.

With so many digital and physical access points, it can be difficult to figure out where and how consumers discovered your business.

This is very understandable, especially because consumers can find your business through multiple conversion channels before converting it into a sale. 

Personalization with Social Media Bots

Social media chatbots offer businesses an opportunity for greater flexibility, faster data retrieval, enhanced interactions with customers, and greater efficiency – without breaking the bank.

One benefit of social media bots is their ability to connect thoughtfully and interact with customers around the clock.

Social media bots can help your business with personalized marketing to increase sales and profitability. Below are various ways personalized digital marketing with social media bots enhances conversions and increases ROI.

  • E-commerce chatbots help consumers effortlessly find products from large catalogs.
  • Bot marketing improves the customer experience.
  • You can move your audience through your funnel much faster.
  • Identify customer intents
  • Builds brand commitment and repeat business

Personalized Marketing with Chatbots

Forget about the customer service-centric chatbots that appear on a business’ homepage to answer customer queries.

Conversational marketing chatbots powered by Spectrum are proactive, not reactive. They integrate seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, and the Google Display Network to meet customers and prospects where they already are.

Marketing chatbots powered by Spectrum enhance conversions and boost ROI by leveraging the power of personalization.

With Spectrum, you can convert customers up to 5 times more frequently and lower acquisition costs by up to 9 times. This increases your bottom line substantially.

And most importantly, you can use Vonza to sell your courses via email, SMS, and online community. Sign up today for Vonza’s 30-day free trial, to start enjoying all those benefits.

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