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What impact are you making on others around you?  What do you present to the world that will be felt long after you have gone on?  These are some of the questions people think about in life. 

Now I know every life has value and matters.  The question is, what are you doing to make your mark?  When your time comes what will they put on your tombstone?

You don’t have to be a big named celebrity or someone famous to positively impact the world.  You start by influencing those around you. 

Whether you accept it or not someone is watching you and making some life decisions based on what they see or don’t see in your life.  If you ask people around you who the people who made the most impact in their life are, they will probably name people you don’t know.

This lady I know from this small town gave music lessons to about everybody in her community, even her own children.  She taught piano for just about all her life.  So we are talking about 70+ years of teaching people in her community.  

Even though she is no longer living the impact she made on the students goes on to affect the world.  She has students and students of students all over teaching music, recording music, singing, playing instruments, and on and on. 

Did she think “I’m going to impact the world”?  Not to my knowledge.  She just took what she had and shared it with everyone willing to be taught. 

She was a sweet stern lady, serious about music and properly training her students.  When she died there were so many people giving her accolades. 

To this day people all over, including her community, still, talk about the effect she had on them.  Now, this is an impact she had without the aid of technology.  Could you imagine if she had an outlet like Vonza to teach the world?

Your life matters as well.  You have access to reach so many people without travel or needing much money.  Here are 3 ways you can maximize your impact on the world.

Be A Mentor

Take someone under your wing and share with them your experiences in life.  Share with them how you overcame things in life or how you became successful. 

Add more value to your life by helping someone win in life.  The things you have to share could potentially keep them from falling into pits and traps along life’s path. 

My motto is to use others’ experiences to grow.  As a mentor, you set a platform for others to build on.  So that whatever they do they can go further, faster, and higher. 

It’s awesome to be great by yourself.  How much greater would it be to know as a great person who mentored many other great people?

Live Intentionally

I mentioned above being a mentor.  As a mentor, you have to live intentionally.  I’m not saying act like someone you’re not.  I’m saying you have to be cognizant of what you speak and model around others.  Especially when working with your mentees. 

Your life is not just for you so take others into consideration.  If you see little gifts that people can use or they would like to get for them. 

You’re not buying approval from them.  It is using your resources to give them things that show them you appreciate them and that their life has value.

An “I Can Do It” Attitude

You have to believe that you can make a positive impact in life and take action.  When you realize that your life is not just for you and that you affect other people then you will step up to challenges. 

Not worrying about being perfect or making all the right decisions.  We all make mistakes.  But when faced with the opportunity to be an example of greatness you can say with confidence, “I can do it”. 

Your life has a purpose and you will have some influence over people.  Use your influence to positively impact the world!

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  • Joel P.


    July 7 at 3:48 am

    Exactly people think you have to be very rich before you make an impact in peoples lives. This is a very wrong perception.

  • Ray Bell


    July 7 at 3:51 am

    So spot on!. I keep telling myself I can do it and it has been helping me till now.

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