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Brand Yourself Before You Brand your Business

Branding is the key to success in business. Branding is simply being real with yourself, your gifts and your true identity.

When you’re true to yourself, then you’re true to your brand. For example, my favorite color is Orange. At  Blue is the color of our brand and we are true to it. Be committed to your brand.

Identifying your brand will help you make money on Facebook. People are not going to buy into you, your product, or services if you have no brand.

Your brand is what you talk about daily on Facebook. It is what excites you and what gives you joy. It is the problem you enjoy solving.

If you post every day about marriage and relationships, that is your brand. If you post a lot about cakes and food, that is your brand. Below are a few tips on knowing your brand.

  • Fashion and Styling
  • Nutrition
  • Health & Fitness
  • Image Consultancy
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Beauty & Skincare Regimen
  • Marriage & Relationships
  • Hair Styling & Braiding
  • Facial Makeup Tutorials
  • Interior Décor/ House Makeovers
  • Cooking, Baking & Grilling
  • Cocktails Mixing
  • Fine Art & Painting

 “Your personal branding is more important than your business branding.”

Color branding is important as well.  There are multiple layers that go with the word branding. Which includes the psychology of colors, your tone and language, your potential customers, your company image and imagery and being consistent in all of these things.

Essentially your brand is who others perceive you to be when they look at your advertising or marketing. What perception do you want to project to others? When you understand how you want your business to come across to your potential customers then you start understanding branding.

Your potential customers will be naturally drawn to you which is another process of branding this will help you get more sales.

Taking Action

So, who is your target audience? Are they moms, dads, working individuals, children, graduates, spiritual people, bikers, etc.? Are they in a particular age bracket?

Define your audience and begin to post rich content and generate traffic to your page.

What colors should you use to portray your brand?

Every color conveys emotion so you must choose your colors wisely.

Black– Classy + Dramatic + Elegance + Power + Formal
White– Goodness + Purity + Clean + Airy + Innocence
Purple– Majestic + Spiritual + Luxury + Royalty + Wealth + Ambitious
Pink– Feminine + Beauty + Health + Compassion + Playful
Green– Fresh + Organic + Money + Earthy +Environment
Red– Love + Powerful + Dangerous + Strength + Dynamic + Passion
Brown– Outdoor + Earth + Friendly + Richness + Simplicity
Blue– Tranquility + Reliable + Peaceful + Harmonious
Yellow– Cheerful + Warmth + Positivity + Energetic +Excitement
Grey– Techy + Conservative + Neutral + Open + Sleek + Modern

The Quickest Way to Branding yourself on Facebook.

Post on the things you care about daily. Post on your ideas, your gifts, the solution you bring to the table, and the problem you can solve.

That is the quickest way to build our brand on Facebook and before you know it people will start taking note of you and start to inbox you and hire you to help them solve their problems.

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    As a makeup artist, I have gotten lot of jobs from Facebook. after reading this article. I created a page for my makeup jobs. didn’t know Facebook was this relevant till I read this article from this blog. Thanks to Vonza for creating such an amazing blog.

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    Wow Facebook can really do all of these and I have been lagging behind. this article is so great and I appreciate Vonza for this blog.

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