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Hundreds of Education tools have been created to make learning easier for students all over the world. The good news is that these Learning Tools are available for FREE.

This article presents 25 hot cake learning tools for students and teachers under the following topics:

  1. Note-taking tools
  2. Online productivity
  3. Audio and Video classes
  4. Tool for creating a presentation
  5. School management tool
  6. Online class tool
  7. Self-learning platform
  8. Learning in game format
  9. Student coding class
  10. Skill learning tool
  11. Tool for creating and storing documents
  12. Study guide tool
  13. Online Writing Lab
  14. Text correction tool
  15. Scanning and notes tool
  16. Assignment and grading tool
  17. Dictionary for teachers and students
  18. Students map and game app
  19. Online learning websites
  20. Tools for engineering students, etc

1. Bit

Note-taking tool for students and teachers

Bit is an amazing online note-taking tool that helps anyone create awesome notes, assignments, reports, and other classroom documents in minutes.

Major Features of Bit:

  • Workspaces to organize notes
  • Ability to order and track documents
  • Statistics feature to track document views and engagements
  • Real-time collaboration between students and teachers
  • Feature to embed documents on any website.

2. Bookwormhub

Online productivity tool for Teachers and Students

Bookworm is an online productivity tool that is perfect for tackling overwhelming loads of homework.  With Bookwormhub, students can submit assignments for free.

Some features of Bookwormhum

  1. Free assignments submission
  2. Assignment writing guide
  3. Ability to track progress on an assignment
  4. Review and user suggestion feature

3. OneNote

Note-taking tool for students and teachers…

OneNote is a free note-taking app by Microsoft. OneNote acts as your digital notebook, allowing students to keep all their information organized digitally.

Hot features of OneNote:

  • Annotate slides and documents
  • Ability to write on top of images, printouts, or add sticky notes
  • Multiple organization options
  • Digital highlighter and digitization of notes

4. Evernote

Note-taking tool for students and teachers…

Evernote is another fantastic note-taking app for students. Evernote empowers students to capture digital information and process hand-written notes in their Evernote notebooks.

Important Features of Evernote:

  • Different note-taking formats (texts, audio, pictures, videos, etc)
  • Web Clipper to quickly bookmark content for research
  • Extract text from images for faster note-taking
  • Digitize hand-written notes easily
  • Stylus compatibility

5. Vonza

School management tool for Teachers and Students...

Apart from the fact that Vonza offers everything you need to create, promote and sell courses online, it has a school management plugin.

Vonza offers schools and university solutions to help you manage higher education degrees, student information, staff, professors, and schedules.

6. Zoom

Online class tool for students and teachers…

Zoom is an online video and audio share platform launched in 2011. Zoom is a learning and meeting app with high-quality audio and video format. Zoom offers a full-featured Basic Plan for free with unlimited meetings.

Top Features of Zoom:

  • Free online meeting
  • Screen sharing
  • Polling, chats, and other collaboration features
  • Free for primary students
  • Hardware for classrooms

7. MS PowerPoint

Students and teachers Tool for creating slides

Microsoft PowerPoint (MS PPT) is a popular tool used by students and teachers to create beautiful slides. With MS Powerpoint, students and teachers are sure of creating beautiful presentations.

Features of Microsoft Powerpoint: 

  • Best for creating school projects
  • Great for defending assignments
  • Used by teachers for Teaching students
  • AI-based recommendations and training
  • Familiar interface

8. Udemy

Self-learning tool for teachers and students…

Udemy is another free productivity tool for students and teachers. It allows for flexible and self-paced learning.  The site offers more than 100,000 courses available at a tiny fraction of the cost of a typical college class.

9. elink

Website for teaching and learning…

elink is one of the best websites for teaching and learning, making it a sure platform for content curation. Both students and teachers can use elink to curate and share content and keep learning fun and interactive.

Cool features of elink:

  • Creating and sharing content
  • Fun and interactive learning platform
  • Extensive template library
  • Chrome Extension.

10. Kahoot

Tool for learning in a game format…

Kahoot turns boring lectures into a fun game show, gamifying the learning process. The goal of Kahoot is to make learning fun for everyone

Features of Kahoot:

  1. Better Teacher and students engagement
  2. Ability to create games and quizzes on any topic
  3. Ability to set questions in any language
  4. Game reports for gauging performance
  5. Polling Quiz sharing

11. Code academy

Tool for students to learn to code…

With the exponential growth of the Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics field, increasing numbers of people are learning how to code.  This is a great platform for students and teachers who are interested in coding.

12. Coursera

Tool for students to learn new skills…

What to learn more about something or pick up a new skill?  Coursera offers massive open online courses to enable you to learn basically anything or pick up new skills.

Features of Courser:

  1. Study anywhere for free
  2. Short course duration
  3. Availability of high-quality course materials
  4. Instructional videos and discussion forum
  5. Opportunity to acquire new job skills
  6. Self-paced course
  7. Real-life assignments and projects

13. Google Docs

Tool for students and teachers to create and store documents…

Google Docs is a top productivity tool that enables users to create documents in a variety of styles and formats. With Google Docs, students and teachers can store documents on any device even without internet access. 

14. Gradesaver

Study guide tool for teachers and students…

Gradesaver is one of those free productivity tools that makes it a whole lot easier to get through tough reading assignments. 

Grade saver offers the following features:

  1. Study guides on a variety of literary works
  2. Online Cliff Notes
  3. Writing a research paper or thesis
  4. Expert editing services
  5. Scholarship application essays.

15. Purdue owl

Online writing lab for teachers and students…

Purdue owl gives students access to the online writing lab at Purdue University.  It’s open not only to Purdue students but also to members of the community and the world at large.

16. Office lens

Application for students to convert snapped notes to text…

One of the most popular apps that students can use to make instant scans with the camera on their smartphones.

17. Uni Calculator

Grade calculation App for students…

Keep on top of your grades and overall assessment with the Uni Calculator. This app is pretty straightforward.

Uni Calculator allows you to calculate what marks you need to achieve your desired grade in a particular class. You can input whatever units of grading you like.

18. iStudiez

Student app for planning assignments and grades…

iStudiez is a student-planner app that helps you keep on top of your plans at any time with easy-to-follow organization and presentation. This is an app for planning your assignments and grades.

19. Google Duo

Audio and Videos for students and teachers

Google Duo is a handy little app for making audio and video calls to people in your contact list. Students can utilize cheap data consumption and high-quality videos on Google Due to enhance learning.


Tool for students and teachers to look up words… is by far the best and easiest dictionary app to use. It offers plagiarism-free definitions and pronunciations, and various language translations.

21. Lost on Campus

Map tool for students and teachers…

Lost on Campus provides maps and directions around uni to ensure you’re on the right track. There is a chance of getting lost on a very big campus. You can use the lost on campus app to get directions.

22. Socrative

Tool for entrepreneurs and engineering students…

Socratic is designed by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about education. Socrative is a system that allows teachers to create exercises or educational games.

23. YouTube

Free Video Platform for teachers and students…

Youtube is the biggest video-sharing website on the internet. With YouTube, you have access to millions of Educational videos for free.

24. Quora

Website for teachers and students to learn and ask questions…

Quora is a big questions and answers platform. It is extremely helpful for students and teachers. Quora uses voting to promote high-quality responses and encourages site participants to use their true identities.

25. Grammarly

Text correction tool for students and teachers…

Grammarly is a great tool for students and content creators worldwide. With Grammarly, you can create error-free content. This is for students’ assignments and project work.

The hot features of Grammarly are:

  1. Writing suggestions
  2. Definition of words
  3. Synonyms of words
  4. Spelling corrections
  5. Phrasal predictions

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