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It can be frustrating if you keep sending emails without getting a response. That frustration was the inspiration behind tracking emails, to check if the recipients are opening them. Unfortunately, that’s the most that technology can help you with cold pitching.

If your contacts are opening emails without responding, it shows you are not doing something right. Here is what you could be missing.

How to Write Highly Effective Cold Emails that Get Responses

Use an Interesting Subject – Cold Email Subject Line

You can use an interesting subject to intrigue your recipient. Most cold email recipients will delete your email if the subject isn’t interesting. The easiest way to do that is to use a teaser of your solution to their problem, in the cold email subject line.

Offer a solution

Once the recipient opens your email, they should get a hint of the kind of solution you wish to offer. They will keep reading as long as they have the expectation you may solve one of their pressing issues.

Using anecdotes helps to keep recipients eager to act at the end of the email, and it acts as social proof in email.

Make an Offer

After proving your solution works, then you can offer to solve their problem as well. You need to explain why they are the best candidate, and why you believe your solution is best for them.

You can then make an offer, to assure them that you are more interested in a long-term relationship. They will be more willing to act if they feel you are offering them some value without an immediate cost on their part.

Format Your Emails

It’s easy for a busy recipient to glance over a large block of text, and hit the delete button. However, you can format your email in such a way that important details stand out.

The best way to do that is to use font size and weight, to make important points stand out.

Use Images and Graphics – Cold Email Call-to-Action

Graphics and images aren’t just pleasing to the eyes. They can also help the reader to understand a message quickly. That’s important if you are cold emailing a busy person, or someone who doesn’t like reading walls of text.

In that regard, you should use a button as part of your cold email call-to-action. Moreover, the button should appear mid-way and at the bottom of the email. The reader can then act easily if they feel convinced.

Build an Email List

Building your email list from leads you have generated with your sales funnel, is among the best ways to get a cold email response. And even if you don’t get a response, the recipient is less likely to mark your contact as spam.


Overall, the cold emails that can get you a response are the ones that are relevant to the recipients’ needs. And the only way to email leads you have nurtured using your sales funnel. You can try Vonza funnels’ 30-day free trial, to start nurturing your leads today.

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