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How to Set Goals and Grow Rich in 2024

To grow rich, you must set goals for your finances.  In order to set those goals, you have to get a picture of what you are trying to achieve.  So get a picture of growing your money, set goals, and develop a plan to get it done.

So let’s start with goal setting.

STEP 1: Make a decision – decide the goal you want to accomplish then act.

STEP 2: Write it – take time and write your goals down.

STEP 3: Speak it – start speaking about those goals.

STEP 4: Break it down – for goals break them down into smaller action steps.

STEP 5: Plan each step – write out how you will accomplish each goal.

STEP 6: Don’t stop – whatever you do, don’t stop working.  Momentum is key!

STEP 7: Reward yourself – have some sort of incentive for reaching goals.

Keep in mind there are a number of ways to set financial goals and grow riches.  Here are some strategies that will get you there.  Ultimately you have to plan your own financial future.

Money is a Tool

One of the mindsets you will learn from rich people is that money works for them not us working for money.  When you work for money you become a slave to it. 

You have to believe that it is a tool used to get you the things you need and desire.  When you start seeing that you are in control and money works for you, you will free up the stress that comes with working for money.

Rich people don’t think about losing money or how much they need money to pay for this bill and that bill.  They don’t sit and wonder if there is enough in the bank account.  They find ways to grow their money. 

Money is here for us as a currency to exchange for services or things we need.   When you understand that you are not controlled by the money you will find things you can do to get money. 

In other words, as you solve problems for others they are willing to pay you.  We all have skills and abilities that we can use to solve others’ problems. 

That’s how you make money work for you.  Take time to discover those skills and start doing more of those things.  What things do your friends and family run to you for?  That’s your key to making money work for you. 

Vonza specializes in creating a platform where you can use your talents, create courses, and get paid.  Do you see?  Money works for you, not the other way around.

Debt Freedom

Clearing up debt is a great thing to add to your financial goal setting.  You want to clear up money that you are paying to other companies. 

This is money you can invest in accomplishing your goals rather than accomplishing goals of the mortgage company, auto dealer, credit card companies, etc. 

When you are making mortgage payments for instance put in your plan to pay more toward the principle than the interest. 

Now I’m not talking about rolling debt like utilities or cell phone bills.  Although you can find ways to reduce those bills.  Then take the money you save and put it toward your financial goals. 

Things like credit cards, car loans, or any loans.  The quicker you pay them off the more money will be saved.  The more you save, the more you will have in accomplishing your goals.


Investing is how you will grow your money.  Let’s face it, without earning money from your money you won’t become rich

Think about it you earn little to no interest on your savings accounts from banks.  They actually take your money and get investments themselves.  That’s another topic in itself.

You want to do some research and find some type of investment where you can get more return on your money. 

Stock, mutual funds, and things like that can increase your money.  There are many different outlets today that you can invest at whatever level you are at.  The myth is you need to already be rich.  Not true.  Just start at your level.

Also, people who are rich invest in the following:

Invest in Charities – Don’t get crazy and give what you don’t have but take a moment to invest in other people.  Your kind acts have a way of coming back to you. 

Also, some charitable acts can be tax-deductible.  You can use the money to go toward financial goals.  And you are helping out others.  You never know who you are helping.

Invest in Self Development – continue to read articles and information on financial literacy.  The best way to achieve a goal is to continue to stay affluent in that area. 

Since we are dealing with financial goals continue to educate yourself on ways to make money and grow your money. 

Invest in Life Insurance – many people inherit money.  One way you can make sure your family receives the things necessary is by leaving an inheritance. 

It sounds kind of morbid but this is a way a number of people have generated riches.  They inherit money.  You just want to make sure you have the right plan in place in case something happens to you prematurely. 

These are some of the habits of the wealthy.  If you want to become rich you have to think like the rich and do the things they do.  Of course, you will do it in your own way, according to your goals.

Retirement Account

You want to get a plan together to save for when you are not able to work at the same pace.  At some point in time, our bodies slow down and we are not as active as in the earlier stages of life. 

You have to have a plan in place.  401K’s , IRA’s, Roth IRA’s are a few types of retirement accounts created to provide you income later in life. 

Decide on what you would like your income to be later in life and work toward it.  Again you will have to do your research. 

Make financial literacy a part of your plan.  Spend time regularly learning the things you will need to reach your financial goals.

Take advantage of courses here on Vonza.  This is designed for you to become rich!!

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    July 7 at 3:33 am

    Thanks for this, I really need to set some goals and work towards growing rich this year.

  • Harrison J.


    July 7 at 3:36 am

    Consistency is key. I have to keep pushing. Thanks for this great motivation.

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