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It’s not surprising that artists frequent YouTube, the second most viewed website in the world. Only Google, the parent firm of YouTube, is more famous with 2 billion daily active viewers. Additionally, the popular video-sharing website guarantees success, enjoyment, and a sizable sum of money to anyone who becomes a famous YouTuber. However, what exactly is a YouTuber, how much do they make, and how to become a youtuber? What we’re about to learn will answer that.


Who are YouTubers?

A YouTuber is someone who creates material for the online video network YouTube. Some people do it as a pastime, as a way to network, have fun, and share their knowledge. Others use it as full-time employment that covers all of their expenses.

If you frequently upload content to YouTube or make a livelihood off of your video content, you may refer to yourself as a YouTuber.

The word “YouTuber” will be used to refer to wealthy unboxes, product reviewers, and more in 2021. However, not every YouTuber earns six figures or more.

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What sort of money are YouTubers making?

Because there is no such thing as a typical YouTuber, there are no clear and fast numbers indicating how much money they earn on average.

YouTubers are paid in a variety of methods. A well-known YouTuber may profit from:

  • Joining the YouTube Partner Program for advertising
  • Affiliate marketing: how to sign up as an associate
  • Selling their own merchandise, such as cups, T-shirts, and dolls
  • Using a website like Patreon or online payment services to raise money through crowdfunding
  • They do this by selling their material to the media.
  • Making sponsored material for companies through sponsorships
  • Currently, all of the highest-paid YouTubers use a combination of these strategies to monetize their video material.

Currently, all of the highest-paid YouTubers use a combination of these strategies to monetize their video material.

The top-earning YouTubers in 2020 include MrBeast, a novice stuntman, who made a solid 17.5 million USD, and 9-year-old Ryan Kaji, who made 29.5 million USD in a single year while playing with toys.

It’s crucial to remember that Ryan makes money from the sales of more than 5000 branded toys, and Mr. Beast has a lengthy roster of business supporters.

If we only take revenue from the YouTube Partner program into account, video producers on the platform make $18 on average for every 1,000 views. This means that a YouTuber who receives 100,000 views per month would earn a meager $1,800 USD.

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6 stages of how to become a YouTuber

Let’s not, however, jump the gun. Once you’re up and going, you’ll have plenty of time to consider how to monetize your YouTube channel.

Let’s take a step back and talk about how you can begin your new job as a paid YouTuber.

Define your “why” to understand how to become a youtuber

Any topic can be your specialty, but you must understand why you are producing that kind of material. When you have a specific justification, you can

  • When you’re creating, narrow your goal and remain on course.
  • Spend less time and effort investigating patterns.
  • Be specific about the benefits viewers will receive from subscribing to your program.

Recall those opening videos, please. The majority of unboxers don’t make material just for laughs. They claim that by giving customers frank feedback on the goods they want, they are able to make wiser purchasing decisions.

Therefore, it’s critical to determine the motivation behind the material you want to produce, even if all you want from becoming a YouTube celebrity is money.

Understand your competitors to understand how to become a youtuber


The sweet place for your material lies somewhere between “tried and true” and something unique. To put it another way, you need to be aware of what is already successful in your field and how you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Examine your rivals to learn what is already effective. Find the best 10 YouTubers in your field, then analyze their approaches to find areas of agreement and disagreement.

They may employ comparable:

  • effects for video (e.g. visual effects and sound effects)
  • video file types (e.g. Q&A, expert interview, storyline)
  • Locations (e.g. studio, outdoors, on set)
  • Sets (e.g. at home, workplace, designed set, animated)

But there will undoubtedly be differences between them in their identity, presentational methods, and other areas.

For instance, Jeremy Jahns and Channel Awesome are both well-liked YouTube movie review networks.

Both services have more than a million users and both provide reviews of movies by combining comments with movie clips. The parallels, however, stop there.

A variety of critics are featured on Channel Awesome who discuss live-action and animated programs as well as new and ancient movies.

Home offices and mancaves from old movies can both be used as video backgrounds. And most of the comments are humorous.

Identify a specialty to understand how to become a YouTuber

Every popular YouTuber has a specialty. Your field of specialization is a niche. It serves as the primary center for all of your video material and may be anything.

Unbox therapy

You don’t trust me? Seek motivation from these three improbable YouTube sensations. 

This YouTuber specializes in producing package videos. Specifically, this involves evaluating and unboxing new market goods like phones, gaming technology, and other things.

Unbox Therapy is a top 3 unboxing program on YouTube with 18.1 million followers. (yep, there are many). And one of the most popular networks overall on the site.

Você Sabia?

This Brazilian team produces “random facts” material. Their most-watched movies are “Disney’s 10 biggest secrets” and “10 deaths caused by video games.” 

They have 41.2 million global users as of this writing.

Know your audience to understand how to become a youtuber

You must identify your target group after deciding what material you will create and why.


Think about it:

  • Who might view my videos?’
  • What is their age?
  • What sort of work do they do?
  • When will they be viewing movies throughout the day?
  • Why do they observe them?
  • What do they stand to achieve by observing them?

Such inquiries assist you in creating an audience character. A fictional identity you develop to reflect your target audience’s traits is called an audience persona.

Name, work, motivations, and pay should be provided. Because you’ll be better able to comprehend who your content is “talking” to and satisfy their requirements with your videos when you bring them to life.

Establish a YouTube channel page to understand how to become a youtuber

It may be enticing to bypass all of the aforementioned steps and just set up your channel page when creating a YouTube channel, but resist the urge!

The front of your channel page resembles a shop. It must reflect your personal manner and be customized to your target market. You can create a seamless Channel experience by finding your specialty, identifying your “why,” knowing your audience, and researching your competitors.

The moment to build your identity is now. You’ll require a:

Name of the channel Logo Banner Image Color Scheme

to say the least. Following these easy steps, you can use these materials to build your YouTube, Channel Page.

Register for a Google account

Given that Google controls YouTube, creating a YouTube account requires a Google account. So, go to Google and input some fundamental information.

Establish a YouTube account.

Your Google account package comes with a YouTube account. However, creating a Channel is still necessary.

Click Create a Channel on the tab for your YouTube account to get started. Just type in your company name to get started!

Make your channel page unique

Numerous elements of your Channel page, such as your name, emblem, page header, and about information, are fully editable.

Check out these free YouTube banner designs to create a website that grabs attention, and make sure to:

  • Fill out the channel title. (a.k.a. the About section)
  • trademark consistently
  • Add branding or a professional photo.
  • include a phone number

The aforementioned is what all popular YouTube accounts do. And irrespective of specialty. Let’s look at Learn Your Land, for instance, a program with 345,000 subscribers that promotes environmental appreciation.

Learn Your Land’s Channel Page has a polished appearance thanks to the emblem, relevant banner picture, and uniform video thumbnail visuals. which has a higher chance of luring customers.

Apply CTAs (calls to action) to understand how to become a youtuber

Go for it

YouTube awards accounts that keep users on the platform by elevating the visibility of their videos in search results. In other words, YouTube will push your material to users more often the longer they stay on the site.

So, use calls to action (CTAs) in your videos to entice viewers to keep viewing your material. This is possible by:

  • Include CTAs in the templates for your videos.
  • utilizing characteristics like playlists to automate subsequent tasks
  • Including closing screens and notes in your movies
  • Putting links to other famous material in the descriptions of each video

Advanced YouTube features like playlists, cards, and end displays are simple to understand and can be found in YouTube’s Creator Academy.


These are the first actions you must perform before beginning your YouTube career. However, your work is not yet done. To reach a wider community, you’ll also need to increase your social media profile. You can share your movies with people who aren’t channel members by promoting them on social media.

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