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We all have dreams and goals we want out of life.  Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we lose focus of the things we really want to do. 

You may know exactly what you want out of life but don’t know where to start.  Let me help you get in motion.  Without a plan of attack, your dreams are just wishes. 

Here are 3 steps that help you graduate from wishing to living in your dreams.

Write Your Dream Down

Take time to think, about what you really want out of life.  Get a picture of what your life will look like, what you want to accomplish, and who you see around you in your future.  Now that you know what it looks like write it down. 

I know we are in the technology age and have cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices but there is something about physically writing down your goals. 

Writing your vision or dream down creates a record of it.  You can place it in a location where you will physically see it daily.  It’s hard to forget something that’s on your face daily.

Create A Plan

You’ve written your dream out.  You know exactly what you want to do and have been placed in a location that you daily be reminded. 

Now how do you accomplish these things?  Do some research, reach out to mentors, etc. and next, you need to develop a plan to fulfill your dream. 

It’s ok you may not know how to get it done.  There are others that have gone before you and accomplished their goals. 

Find out what they did to get started.  Tailor the information you have gathered to yourself and write your plan.

Write out each step it will take to accomplish your goals.  Whether it’s a class you need to take or a person you need to reach out to, get it in writing. 

Now you have a plan on how to make your dream a reality.  This will help you stay focused on your journey.

Take Action

It will do you know good if you spend time and think about your dream, write it down, develop a plan, and never take action. 

You will definitely frustrate yourself if you don’t do anything about all those dreams you have inside you. 

You were not built to retain your goals inside you.  In order to obtain and live the dream, you have to take the necessary steps to get there.

Keep in mind you don’t have to be perfect you just have to start.  Once you start don’t stop.  Use all the things life throws at you to propel you to your destiny. 

As Dory, the fish says in Finding Nemo, “Just Keep Swimming”.  Yes, I did just mention that.  Where ever you find nuggets in life you take that as inspiration for yourself.

You have so much inside of you to share with the world.  Vonza will help you carry out these steps too.  You have access to so much here that you can get the knowledge that you need to accomplish every goal inside of you.

Let me leave you with this.  I just made a reference to a Disney movie, right?  Did you know Walt Disney had this great vision to create quality films, and movies, and have a theme park? 

He didn’t let anything stop him from reaching his goals.  He wrote down his vision and was determined to get it done.  Look at what the vision of one man did. 

So don’t be stingy!  Don’t be afraid.  If Walt Disney could do it, so can you.  It doesn’t matter the size of your dream.  So get started today.  Take Action!  The world is waiting!

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    Vonza has really helped me in bringing my dreams into reality, I am super happy.

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    July 5 at 6:42 am

    Thanks for this blog. was confused on what to do an now I have an idea of how to achieve my dreams.

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    July 5 at 6:46 am

    This was really helpful thank you. I really needed this right now. thank you for this guide

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