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With the extensive advancement in technology, the modern world is embracing online marketing in promoting products and services. More personalized marketing strategies help companies to advertise with more ease and better results.

One of the digital marketing powerhouses that personalizes marketing to customers is the landing page. With Vonza, you can create a beautiful landing page for your business.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is an online version of direct marketing whereby visitors “land” to a certain page after clicking on an ad link from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other indifferent platform.

A landing page is created to cover only one purpose; to give detailed information about a product or service being sold by a company.

With a landing page, firms can establish good relations with potential clients by studying the shopping journey of their prospects and offering real-time solutions for their problems.

For instance, a Facebook user might click on a link from a Facebook Ad to buy acne that will solve a skin problem. He or she is led into a landing page that elaborates how the company’s product will help solve the problem.

At the end of the page, after being well-informed about everything that is of essence, the visitor is prompted to buy the product. That is how a landing page works.

To distinguish between a landing page and a homepage, you must understand that a landing page is accessed by clicking on an ad link whereas a homepage can be reached through multiple means.

Landing pages also have a single goal, to promote a single offer only, while homepages are created for diverse website browsing.

Elements of a successful landing page

To get the most out of your landing page, you must carefully influence the potential client to make an order of the offer on the table. Offer them value; you need to capture their attention, keeping in mind these are visitors with limited information about your products or services.

A successful landing page should have the following components:

1.    The Main headline and Supporting Headline

You must impress your prospects from the first minute they land on your business page. The probability of winning or losing a new visitor along the sales process highly depends on how compelling your headline is; you must capture the user’s attention with a powerful headline.

Use your headline to explain the benefits of the offer to them, but only in a nutshell.

In your landing page’s headline, avoid talking much about your company but rather the customer. It should:

  • be powerful enough to grab the visitor’s attention
  • tell the visitor what your product or service is all about
  • not be too lengthy (Preferably between ten and twenty words)

Since a landing page’s headline can only tell much, you need a supporting headline. After grabbing their attention in the main headline, a supporting headline persuades prospective customers to stay on the page. It is more detailed and less succinct.

2.    Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A selling proposition is a description that explains to your visitors how your product or service is different from the services of rival brands. Besides selling your brand, a USP explains in clear-cut words the benefits that prospects should expect after buying from you.

The objective of writing a unique selling proposition is to show customers why they should care about reading your landing page article. Therefore, you must break down whatever you are offering into its most basic details.

3.    Eye-catching Images or Videos

With clear and captivating pictures, prospects can eventually become persuaded to look at your landing page. It is therefore important that you include intriguing and eye-catching pictures that will grab the attention of your page visitors.

Videos also give a virtual representation of your offer helping the users imagine themselves in the scenario thus motivating them to want to purchase the product you are offering.

4.    Trust Indicators

It is important to provide testimonials of impressed customers, reviews, accredited certifications and reviews to create trust. Make your customers see that your previous customers were impressed, that way they will feel comfortable doing business with you.

On average, product reviews produce an uplift of 18% in sales. You can also build trust by showcasing awards you have bagged in the past as a result of your exemplary business.

5.    Simple Forms

Short and simple forms encourage visitors to want to fill them. In situations where forms are lengthy, users may be tempted to retract, thus directly affecting your conversions. You should also provide basic information on the form such as the company name, email and customer location.

The questions should not intimidate users rather they should be simple and quick to complete. With Vonza, you can create easy-to-use forms for your landing page.

6.    Closing Statement

A closing statement or closing argument is a paragraph-long declaration where you summarize the contents of your landing page. It aims at insisting on and backing up the main value of your product or service. A closing statement is typically coupled up with a call to action.

7.    A Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

The purpose of building a landing page is to promote a product or service. At the end of your landing page, you need to prompt visitors to purchase your offering.

A CTA is a piece of content intended to compel the reader to perform a specific act, and it typically takes the form of an instruction or directive. For instance, a CTA can be something like:

  • Subscribe now
  • Place your order
  • Start your 1-month free trial
  •  Buy here

The average conversion rate of a landing page is 9.7%. Your CTA is where visitors click before you make a conversion. In that regard, it should be strong, easily visible and highly convincing. Use a button color that is different from the background color of the page’s layout to be easily distinguished.

In summary, a landing page contains elements that are organized in a way that aligns with what a prospect thinks as he shops.

From capturing the attention of a cold client with a one-word tag to converting them into a satisfied customer, a landing page with the above best elements and practices is capable of increasing conversion rates and exponentially growing your business.

 Build a beautifully designed landing page with Vonza. Start your free trial now.

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