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The coaching industry has grown along with the personal development market’s explosive growth over the past ten years. There are coaches available for almost anything. Want to be a professional master? Looking for a date? Want to have a better attitude toward money? For that, there are coaches. Let’s read more to know Best all in one business platforms for coaches.

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Being a coach is an extraordinary moment, so consider establishing or expanding your coaching business. The International Coaching Federation predicted that as more individuals look for coaches to help them learn critical skills, the coaching market will reach USD 20 billion in 2022.

But growth isn’t limited to coaching. The technological tools that assist instructors in expanding their companies are the same.

In the past, managing a coaching firm required juggling scheduling, marketing, and sales and providing the actual coaching time. However, online coaching systems now handle most of the work for you, freeing you up to focus on coaching, which you do so effectively.

In this post, we’ll go through the top 14 platforms for online coaching, point out their advantages and disadvantages, and suggest some of their most effective uses so you can decide which one is ideal for you.

What exactly is a coaching platform online?

The resources you need to run your coaching company are provided by an online coaching platform, which is often a digital solution that includes capabilities for scheduling, sales, and video meetings. Online coaching platforms come in two primary categories: marketplace and white-label platforms. However, finding the best all in one business platforms for coaches can get really difficult, but no worries we got you.

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The top 14 Best all in one business platforms for coaches


Vonza is one the best all in one business platforms for coaches. You can launch and expand your business online with complete ease. Create websites, emails, funnels, online courses, and more.

Simple to use launch in a little while. Tech is not necessary. Control everything from one location.

Avoid the technical difficulties of combining disparate technologies that don’t get along.

Use a single dashboard to handle all the tools you need to launch, run, and expand your internet business. The greatest for internet business is Vonza.


Vonza’s all-in-one platform, marketing, and payment tools, and actionable analytics are its main advantages. Here are some additional advantages of Vonza:

One-Stop Platform

Various resources are available through Vonza to assist you in starting your business. ECommerce businesses may use this software to build and launch their online stores and company websites. Businesses that offer online learning may build courses, upload the required data and media, and let their customers download the materials. Vonza is a tool that schools and other educational institutions may use to track budgets, manage admissions, and access student information.

Tools for Marketing and Payment

Increase your earnings by using the marketing and payment options that Vonza offers. This platform allows you to start email and SMS marketing campaigns using newsletters, sale alerts, and promotional offers. The ability to develop landing pages on this platform also allows you to generate leads.


The most popular use of Kajabi is as a platform for online courses that enable authors to design landing pages and produce and host courses. And one of Kajabi’s strengths is offering complete marketing tools and funnels to sell those courses, which is particularly useful for coaches hoping to profit from the course boom. Occasionally, if you’re an online coach seeking the ideal platform, these marketing methods might aid client acquisition and revenue generation.


You may create modules containing text, files, and videos using Kajabi if your coaching business is course-based (hosted on the third-party site Wistia). Furthermore, the platform has sophisticated marketing tools, including welcome flows, landing sites, and email campaigns that are absent from most other online coaching platforms.

The drawback of Kajabi for instructors is that it is a business builder focusing on courses. There is minimal community option, but it is essentially just a tag. It needs the intricate community elements that Mighty Networks possesses. Additionally, it costs twice as much as Mighty Networks.


  • Reliable course designer


  • Complex marketing strategies 
  • Expensive
  • few available community alternatives
  • Not appropriate for group coaching

Mighty Networks 

Mighty Networks provides all you want to establish your tutoring business and build a fantastic clientele. With Mighty, you have access to robust cultural software that can be used as a white-label community platform that allows you to perform almost all of the tasks on the previous list. Asynchronous and synchronous engaging courses, messaging, debates, and events are a few customization options available inside specific Spaces.

A fantastic app that offers your clients access to Mighty is also included.

Mighty Networks 

Also included are live streaming, polls, readily accessible forums, and the option to construct welcome sequences for new members. For group coaching, it’s fantastic since you can create and charge for a sub-community for each group you run, plan and conduct your sessions there, and provide value to your groups, whether they are working alone or together in the central community.

It’s the ideal setting for anybody wishing to host group coaching sessions or create a community around their coaching.


  • The strength of a community
  • The elegant design of the course
  • Customizable dedicated spaces that you may charge for
  • Excellent event functionality for community or group sessions
  • For every device, an app
  • Charge coaching fees in your country’s currency.
  • Combining coaching, courses, etc.


  • Need to book 1:1 meetings using a tool like Google Calendars or Calendly


Like Satori, CoachAccountable has all the fundamental administrative features needed to run an online coaching company, such as receiving money, scheduling appointments, developing thorough, personalized coaching plans for customers to be given electronically, and exchanging documents.


The cost of using CoachAccountable is determined by the number of customers, like most coaching and personal training systems. One of the priciest platforms on the market in terms of cost per customer, they have a more detailed pricing strategy that spans from $10 to $4 per client each month as your business expands. Their entry-level plan is $20 per month and gives you access to all essential features and the ability to manage two customers.

Fortunately, they also provide a 30-day free trial.


With the ability to connect remotely with customers and exchange exercises and workout videos, TrueCoach is made to assist personal trainers and fitness organizations in launching remote coaching and training services.

While platforms like Satori and CoachAccountable are more concentrated on the fundamentals of running a coaching business (such as payments, programs, notes, etc.), TrueCoach shares the Nudge platform’s emphasis on client management and program delivery.


Using TrueCoach’s tools for targeted communication and health monitoring, you may increase continuous accountability and engagement for more significant outcomes. Nothing is more crucial in remote coaching interactions than a platform that can encourage client participation.

TrueCoach’s price structure depends on the number of clients, like most coaching and personal training systems.

They feature a 14-day free trial and a basic tier that starts at $19/month and includes all functionality except for payments.


With an all-in-one solution that integrates payments, scheduling, contract signing, and general coaching client management software features, Paperbell concentrates on the administrative aspect of your online coaching company.


Additionally, it offers the capacity to sell and provide more complicated packages like group coaching or “combo” packages and distribute digital downloads and courses.

Even while the platform’s business management capabilities shine, you can create a workable client interaction experience with the help of the supplementary course and content distribution options.

Coaching Loft 

Coaching Loft is a differentiating coaching management platform. This powerful program tries to increase productivity by reducing tedious chores. Assigning “activities” and setting objectives and milestones are all parts of Coaching Loft, which interfaces with numerous calendars and automates booking. Session notepads let you review client progress and any private comments and questions you may have given them.

Coaching Loft Benefits 

  • prompts for accountability and progress monitoring
  • noting down (session notepad)
  • a database of coaching inquiries
  • coaching contracts and billing

Coach’s Loft Drawbacks

  • a little pricey
  • no public features
  • No features for creating courses
  • simple analytics

Price ranges

For individual instructors, Coaching Loft provides a 14-day free trial and the following price options:

$20/month Core – Free

Premium – $45 monthly

Master: $95 monthly


You may simplify customer administration and processes with the aid of Satori. Satori can assist you with several tasks, including the creation of tailored proposals and coaching packages, note-taking, time conversion automatically to prevent errors when scheduling appointments, intake forms, simple group session scheduling, one-touch client enrollment, reminders to clients to schedule their sessions, tracking progress, and more.


Satori enables you to provide discounts and payment options to increase sales. Additionally, it automates your billing and has a dashboard where you can check crucial company information.

Satori Benefits 

  • Simple User Interface
  • fantastic client service
  • automatic client reminders
  • Automated scheduling and billing
  • using coaching questions to make evaluations simpler

Satori disadvantages

  • Zoom is omitted
  • There is no way to make a course.
  • No mobile app
  • No advance notification

Price ranges

Satori provides the following plans, as well as a 30-day free trial:

$19/m for Free Pioneer

Trailblazer: $39/m


Thinkific is a user-friendly course development tool incorporating Zoom to assist coaching sessions. It allows coaches to create their white-label website and sell digital items and courses.

Though Thinkific doesn’t have any marketing automation tools, it has many sales choices, and easy checkout with order bump prompts. With the help of the Calendly integration, coaches may set up appointments.

Thinkific Benefits

  • Easy-to-use Nice community features
  • A free program is offered (limited features)
  • several sales possibilities
  • Black label

Thinkific Drawbacks

  • basics of the course
  • No mobile app
  • very few plugins
  • absence of cutting-edge coaching elements (like note-taking)

Price ranges

The price plans for Thinkific are as follows.

Plan: Free Start: $99 Grow: $199 Expand: $499

Customized price for Thinkific Plus


A Singapore-based firm developed the MasterCoach executive coaching app as an action-based solution to address employee engagement issues by increasing staff motivation and output.

The app’s primary purpose is to give managers the tools they need to teach and engage their staff while creating a strengths-based and action-focused workplace environment. The software was designed with companies in mind. It enables managers to recognize and capitalize on their staff members’ skills so they can make better decisions.


The following advantages of the MasterCoach app over other online coaching platforms are also highlighted:

Strength Wheel – A function that enables a coach to instantly deliver a client’s mobile phone with a strength assessment test!

CoachPad: The coachpad is an excellent tool for recording client details and conversations. Additionally, it has pre-built coaching templates to facilitate an easy discussion flow.

Dashboard: Are you interested in your client’s progress? Use the dashboard to keep track of their advancement. This aids in your comprehension of your client’s development and your decision-making moving forward.

Pricing: Coaches pay $3.99 monthly to MasterCoach, and customers can join for no cost. It’s a great deal and a great way to begin your coaching career.

The software’s lack of an Android version is the only significant negative aspect. There is currently no set release date for the android version of the software, which is currently exclusively accessible on the iOS platform. 


Aware now, formerly known as “Profi,” is another “one-stop” platform designed for “professionals” such as coaches, consultants, trainers, and even therapists.

With Awarenow, you can do everything you’d expect from a full-featured coaching app, including setting up appointments, keeping track of client data, making intake forms, and hosting video chats. Speed and discoverability have been fine-tuned on this platform, and users have given it rave reviews.

What follows is a list of ways in which Awarenow is typically put to use, as well as the advantages this tool provides:

Coaches can easily set up group coaching sessions when clients want to work on a group project.


Video conferencing capabilities built right in – Profi makes it simple to set up online conferences in no time. If so, you won’t have any trouble using the Zoom app.

The unified billing system is where you’ll collect payments for all of your services, including session fees.

The Solos Standard plan costs $59 per month and allows for one provider and up to 25 clients, while the Solos Pro plan, which allows for up to 100 clients, costs $99 per month. The Teams and Corporate plans are tailored to large and medium-sized coaching businesses and offer several flexible customization options. With the Solos Premium plan, you can have one coach and unlimited clients for just $199 per month.

Marketplace and customer relationship management functionality, is currently unavailable on the platform. Other features still in the works include screen sharing during live sessions, CNAME and third-party integration, and calendar syncing across multiple devices. However, the service team reportedly takes care of special requests and is very good.

Compared to other coaching apps, Profi is easily in the top tier. Once the new features are complete, it may improve the overall user experience.


Compared to the other options on our list, the Pluma coaching platform supports both online and mobile devices. The Pluma Skillsoft Firm created this “leadership” software. Pluma is best suited for larger companies where employees are given their account and encouraged to make it their own.

You may create multiple accounts and can enable group coaching. Video chats and open communications between participants and coaches are provided. Pluma’s Enterprise Dashboard lets coaches keep tabs on user involvement, happiness, and activity.

Offers access to top-notch tools – Discover the top microlearning material recommended by HBR, Fast Company, Inc., and other industry leaders. User-Driven Engagement Data Collection and Analysis, The user can collect data on coaching engagements, results, and post-session satisfaction via the dashboard.

More general information about the app is one of its significant drawbacks. We encourage you to schedule a demo to learn more about our services, including price and customization options.


SimplePractice is a practice scheduling app for coaches that works on iOS and Android. A pioneering app for solopreneurs, this program has gradually adapted its functionality to meet the needs of smaller businesses. As its name suggests, SimplePractice’s user interface is straightforward. A coach can anticipate the following advantages of using SimplePractice:


Clients of SimplePractice’s individualized coaching programs can fill out electronic forms, make secure online payments, and communicate with their coaches directly from the platform.

Schedule your coaching sessions conveniently by restricting access to the intake form at other times.

You can view the client’s contact details, payments, past comments and upcoming appointments on the client screen. You can easily monitor their development with this tool.

While there are benefits, there are also drawbacks. You can’t make partial payments through the app’s client portal; instead, you must do so in person. Several customers have complained about the “complex” and “confusing” nature of the billing, and the inaccessibility of the support team via phone has been cited as a persistent problem. Instead, customers with non-urgent questions are relegated to online chat.

There is no entirely free version of SimplePractice, but a 14-day trial version is available. One premium plan, Essentials, costs $39 per month, while the other, called Professional, costs $59 per month. For an additional $10 per month, medical professionals have access to Telehealth, an advanced feature used in healthcare.


Our final recommendation is CoachVantage, the premier solo-coaching app. It’s an excellent tool for coaches to use as a scheduling app because it makes it easy to schedule sessions via video calling services like Zoom and Skype. It’s a straightforward, user-friendly web-based platform that facilitates open communication between coaches and their clients. This coaching software provides the following advantages –

Methods for Managing Client Data – CoachVantage is an all-in-one client management system that helps you organize client profiles, coaching engagements, session notes, and invoices.

Easy Scheduling lets you make plans, share your schedule, and find people to attend them all in one convenient place. Customers can make reservations and pay for them automatically.


After signing up for your coaching program, your client will have a smooth transition into working with you, thanks to the client portal. After payment, they will instantly enter all your coaching materials.

Speedy invoicing and payments are possible with CoachVantage’s single-click payment invoices for one-time and recurring payments.

The most affordable CoachVantage plan costs $29 per month (named the Clarity plan), while the most expensive costs $250 per month (named the Team Plan).

Its users include both independent mentors and larger coaching firms. However, it works best for individual coaches who need a straightforward resource.

There is no legal way to bind a contract legally, and it cannot alter standard forms. There have yet to be options for group activities or recurring payments (yet). Individualized instruction through the Internet is likewise not available. However, CoachVantage is known for its frequent upgrades, and the implementation of such features is now in progress.


It’s crucial to choose which of these online teaching solutions best suits your company’s requirements, even if they all offer excellent value. It’s crucial to take the time to identify the ideal solution for you because different platforms are made with various online coaching companies in mind. There are plenty of platforms in the market. But you have to choose the best among the best all in one business platforms for coaches list we mentioned above.

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